Is a virgin hair extensions better than a human hair?

Women consider hair extensions the same; just the label speaks out what quality it is, such as virgin hair, human hair, non-Remy, etc. There is a vast difference between the types of hair extensions. Did you ever think about what human hair is? What is virgin hair? Which is better human hair or virgin hair? You have come to the right place. 

There are various hair extensions in the market today, from wigs to weaves to bundles to human hair to virgin hair, etc. Wide range of hair products are available, it has become hard to know what the hair extensions contain. 

Hair extensions comes in wide range of colors

Whether you are an expert in hair extensions, there is a fundamental difference between every hair extension. Explore and be able to identify the difference between human hair and virgin hair extensions

What is Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair is also called Remy hair. It is of the high quality of virgin hair extensions that has its cuticles intact and is flowing in one direction. Virgin hair is not chemically processed. Know the essential features:

Virgin hair extensions for long and sleek hair

The Remy refers to the hair characteristics and the process used in manufacturing the hair extensions. Virgin hair extensions are in high demand in the market due to their price and quality. Buy yourself virgin hair, and it will stay with you for up to a year and easy to wear with your natural hair.  

There will be no tangle and knots in the hair with the strands flowing in the same direction. The hair in virgin extensions is healthy; the cuticles flow in the same direction from roots to end. The virgin hair extensions are coated with silicone to make them soft. 

Virgin hair has never been chemically processed. The hair goes through chemical processes with color-treated, premed, relaxed, and dyed. 

What is Human Hair?

Human hair is collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor.  Human hair is limited in supply and is cheaper compared to Virgin Hair extensions. With its demand, the majority of human hair sold is not virgin hair. The cuticles on human hair are in the same direction. 

Human hair is another type of extensions you can choose for 

The human hair will go under the process of an “acid bath” rather than a chemical process. The acid bath is done to remove the cuticles entirely from the hair. 

The cuticles are removed from the hair, and dipped in silicone for shine, and covers the cuticles that are not removed during the acid bath. 

The silicone process is done to add weight to the hair. This will help in setting the price to sell in the market. The human hair will appear soft, silky, and shiny at first glance. 

After constant wear and shampooing, the hair will start to lose its silicone layers. This will make the hair dull, brittle, and will get tangled easily. Human hair is not suitable for longer use, only up to 6 months or more. 

You can find two types of human hair – straight and natural wavy. The hair is silky, and it has its raw textures compared to virgin hair. Not only straight and wavy but sometimes it also comes in curly patter. 

Should I buy Human Hair or Virgin Hair? Which one is better?

Should I by human hair or virgin hair extensions? which is better

  • Human hair is different from virgin hair and serves the same purpose. Both are hair extensions that go through their processes before going to the market. Human hair goes through an acid bath and silicone process, but virgin hair goes through steamed processed to set the texture such as waves, straight, or curly. They fulfill the same purpose and feel like it is natural hair.
  • Human hair not being chemically untouched or steamed; it is only available in three different textures. Human hair is mostly straight, wavy, and curly. Other hair textures such as a deep wave, kinky curl, body wave, sleek straight, etc., are achieved only in Virgin hair. This is due to the steamed process. 
  • If you are wearing human hair , you need to follow a set of maintenance care compared to virgin hair. Taking care of human hair can be tricky, but using the right hair care products is the best. Moisturizing and conditioning are required for human hair. In the place of virgin hair, using hair products is the best to set the style. The effects won’t alter the texture of the hair. 
  • Virgin hair is of better quality and can be expensive. The hair extensions can last up to years with proper care and maintenance. The cost of a bundle of hair extensions starts from Rs. 1000, but the price differs with its quality and brand. Human hair can be expensive too, but not like what you get from virgin hair extensions. 
  • Buying human hair is problematic because it is not oversupplied compared to virgin hair. With women wearing hair extensions, human hair runs out of stock, and virgin hair is there to solve your issue. Virgin hair extensions are best to purchase when looking for hair in the market. 
  • Virgin hair extension comes in various textures and from different places. The human hair can be found in three textures – straight, wavy, curly, and three origins: Indian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. You can choose any texture of virgin hair extensions. It has names like Malaysian, Brazilian, Mongolian, etc. the name of the hair is not related to the mainlands. Rather, it’s the name given to different hair under virgin hair extensions. 


With the constant use of hair extensions, it has gained popularity; consumers are aware of different types of hair extensions. With both the extensions serving the same purpose, you need to know the difference between human hair and virgin hair extensions. 

The critical difference between human hair and virgin hair is the cuticles. You will find the cuticles intact with the virgin hair and the best quality hair than other hair extensions. With the majority of women using hair extensions, 100 virgin hair extensions are not real virgin hair. This is because the cuticles in human hair are untouched and raw.  

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