Inspire Education’s shutdown has left 13,000 students without a school

Joanne Miller was just a few weeks away from finishing her community services diploma when the training organisation where she had enrolled closed down.

Key point:

  • Inspire Education has around 13,000 students and 40 employees dispersed throughout the country
  • The laid-off employees have received benefits.
  • Creditors owe almost $1.2 million, the vast majority of which are digital advertising and marketing businesses.

“I just feel a little ripped off,” she said.

Inspire Education, a Brisbane-based company, declared bankruptcy on Wednesday, owing creditors more than $2 million.

Accounting, business administration, bookkeeping, and care for children, the elderly, and those with special needs were among the certifications offered. Many of these programmes were completed entirely online.

Ms. Miller was one of 13,000 students from throughout the country who were enrolled in courses via Inspire Education.

This diploma took me 18 months to earn, and I’m upset about it “She said.

My work placement was set to commence on Monday, and all that remained was for my supervisor to accept my skills workbook.

The company had suspended operations as of last Monday, and its around 40 local employees had been told and offered redundancy money.

Ms. Miller was unaware of the company liquidation until she visited the training company’s website.

She went on to say that the website is no longer available because “we have gone bankrupt.”

“Everyone has been left out in the cold.”

They owed about $2 million.

According to Inspire Education’s website, lessons have “stopped” and the company is “looking into if another registered training organisation is interested in taking over the delivery of services.

According to a statement from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, a liquidator has been appointed.

Notice is therefore given that on October 12, 2022, a general meeting of the Company’s members determined that the Company should discontinue operations and that Lee Crosthwaite be appointed liquidators “According to the statement.

Inspire Education owes $1.2 million to an online marketing and advertising agency (just for the last three months), $558,000 to a Philippines-based services firm, $535,000 in associated companies and loans, and a small number of ongoing current account trade suppliers.

Worrells liquidator Lee Crosthwaite published a statement in which he said, “It’s a sad embarrassment.”

He said that a group of people is working hard to help the students, who are “understandably unhappy” since they paid for the most of their fees in advance.

The liquidator said that he was gathering data to evaluate the amount of the company’s liability for tuition refunds.

We’ve hired a broker to help us go through the several offers, and we just need a short amount of time to study the options “He said.

Joanne Miller has stated her intention to continue her studies overseas, yet she admits to feeling “vulnerable.”

She was afraid that nothing would stop them from doing the same thing with another RTO.

“I thought I had done my research before enrolling with [Inspire Education].

Ms. Miller said that she chose them since they were one of the bigger firms and she wanted some security.

The liquidators agreed to submit a detailed report to the creditors by the beginning of next year at the latest. As they phrased it, the research would “give further facts about the prospect of a dividend for borrowers and lenders.”

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