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In fruits the apple is good for skin

From the plate to our bathroom, the apple has successfully taken the plunge. Forbidden fruit for Eve, today she is our best ally for a radiant complexion. In order to better understand how this fruit works miracles on our skin, Xavier Ormancey, director of research and development at Yves Rocher, agreed to answer our questions.

Pomotherapy: the benefits of the plate in our vanity!

We knew the apple in tart, diet or compote version, but creams have become the new credo of this fruit that is ultimately not so banal. From its skin to its flesh through its seeds, in the apple, everything is good! Very rich in antioxidants, in particular polyphenols (known for their anti-aging and moisturizing benefits), trace elements and vitamin E, in recent years it has revealed many hidden virtues.

Quercetin (another of its antioxidant substances) acts as an oxidative anti-stress, by stimulating the enzymes that defend the DNA of cells and prolong their existence “. But according to our expert, the apple has above all an incredible power of cellular regeneration: “It allows the skin to keep its cellular cohesion. Over time, the epidermis tends to lose its radiance and relax, but thanks to apple oligosides, derived from pectin (seeds), the network is reconstituted and the skin texture is refined. This form of apple stem cells has real anti-aging effects that correct the signs of aging on the skin “.

Pomotherapy for all?

If the famous saying ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away forever ” can be applied to health, it is not always the same for dermato. Indeed, according to Xavier Ormancey, ” care must be taken with the composition of cosmetics. If the apple offers many benefits at all ages, the use made of it in products is not suitable for all skin types”.

For young skin:

In light creams, rich in antioxidants, the apple limits skin ageing and refreshes the complexion.

For mature skin:

From the age of 40, the skin prefers formulas based on oligosides which recreate perfect cell cohesion. But these cutting-edge creams with anti-aging effects serve a corrective purpose. It is therefore advisable to use them only from the age of 40. In addition, beware of cosmetics only scented with apple. If the olfactory pleasure is there, the effects are non-existent.

The treatments that we have identified to benefit from the benefits of the apple:

In institute:

With Doctor Renaud’s best skin specialist Islamabad smoothing treatment, we offer ourselves a moment of ultra-sensory relaxation. Its formula with 4 apple extracts becomes the worst enemy of the first wrinkles. It combines an apple seed scrub with an ultra-refreshing patch mask. After an hour of treatment, the skin is plumped up and the complexion is fresh.

The apple also contains valuable trace elements:

  • potassium (which participates in a good heart function, in the regulation of the arterial pressure, in the good functioning of the nervous system, the muscles);
  • phosphorus, constituting bones and teeth, which promotes the balance of blood pH);
  • selenium which is good for skin appendages and the immune system; Manganese which helps fight against allergies, asthma, stress;
  • zinc which maintains the quality of our mucous membranes and ensures the multiplication of globules;
  • copper which strengthens immunity, but also calcium, magnesium, or iron.

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