Important Tips for Selecting Presentation Folder Printing

At first sight, presentation folders seem like just a simple tool to store important documents for marketing purposes and organisational needs. 

However, during the folder printing process, there are a lot of factors that go into making the presentation folder for your exact needs.

Quality of the folder, stock, lamination, overall design, and inks play an important part when it comes to making presentation folders from scratch. 

Let’s look at some of the tips for selecting a presentation folder for everyday marketing & business. 

#1 Single Or Double Side Print 

When printing a custom presentation folder, the cost of the print with finishing are the two main factors for the setup. Whether you want to make folders for your team or clients, printing on both sides is recommended because on one side it just could be a little more expensive.

One can capitalise on much-needed space for graphics, text, and logo on both sides and goes a long way for cementing positive first impressions.  

#2 Choose From Wide Range of Lamination Options 

Personalised folders have always been a great marketing tool for various business events such as exhibitions and conferences. Whatever you put inside, it has to be presentable. Be it brochures, notepads, flyers, product manual, they have to be in the best possible condition.

Lamination provides your folders with extra protection keeping the contents safe from wear and tear in the long run. For extra durability, double-sided lamination is recommended which also covers the inner side of the front and back cover. 

#3 Dedicated Space For Business Cards 

In the majority of the presentation folders, there is a dedicated space provided for the business card. It is a common practice by sales and marketing teams to put their respective business cards inside the folders for outdoor meetings and events.

Business cards come in many shapes and sizes for practical solutions. Before presentation folder printing, you can work on the exact measurement of the pocket to insert your custom business cards. 

#4 Storage Space 

A4 Presentation folders are known to work as a perfect sales pack, welcome pack, & handouts to clients, stakeholders, and consumers. The best thing about A4 & A5 folder is that they all can be tweaked for the different target audience cost-effectively.

You can craft storage space depending on the shape & size of the folder you will choose.

A folder when opted with additional capacity can be used to insert custom notepad, pens, sticker magnets, key chains and other wide range of materials. Always seek the help of professionals before giving A4 folder printing orders for your presentation folders. 

#5 Printing 6-Month Rule 

If everything that has gone to make your A4 or A5 presentation folder lasts for more than 6 months, then it is a success. If things happened to disintegrate before then, time is to rethink your strategy. 6 month is a good amount of time for paper storage and to assess other factors such as build-quality of the folder and other parts.

And generally, the presentation folder should be targeted to deliver for 6-12 months because a lot of things change in a company moving forward with its products, and services. Bearing this in mind, it is better to have an objective outlined with the volumes of print so your batches always yield value for money. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope to have covered some of the important production & design tips that you need to keep in mind before ordering presentation folders. Whatever look and contents you opt for in your presentation folder, until it directly speaks to the reader, it won’t have any effect.

Therefore, spend a considerable amount of time in the designing phase taking various facets of the presentation folder into account for positive impressions wherever you take them.

Ravi Patel

As the marketing head at VC Print, Ravi Patel has a reputed name in the industry. He consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.

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