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Importance of Clinical Trials Translation

The coronavirus hit the world in December 2019 from China. This virus spread around the globe like fire, and millions of people died because of this pandemic. 

To mitigate the spread of this virus and to save mankind from this pandemic, health sciences of the world start researching this virus. This resulted in the need for clinical trials.

Most of these clinical trials are conducted in developed countries. Although developing countries are also working to find the solution to this virus, they lack advanced technology. 

Therefore, to share the findings of clinical trials with the developed countries, clinical trial translation services are required. These services will make data available in other languages so that it can also be used in developing countries in the research process.

COVID-19 has Increased the Demand for Clinical Trial Translation Services

Many people lose their loved ones because of this lethal pandemic. So, the need for clinical trial translation is more than before.  

Coronavirus vaccine trial is conducted on 650 groups from around the world and coronavirus vaccination trials are tested on 460 people that are from different nationalities. 

They all speak different languages. Therefore, to provide them with clear and precise information, clinical trial translation is required. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies and health sciences researchers are turning towards Clinical trial translation services.

Localizing Different Features of Clinical Trials

To make clinical trials understandable to all the health sciences stakeholders. All the features of the clinical trial should be localize. The important thing to localize is clinical trials objectives, design, methods, and statistics. 

With the help of localization services, the health sciences services are designed for different regions to remove any cultural and regional intricacies. 

All the documents are write precisely and clearly, that resonates with the target market. Besides the clinical trial process, the other things to localize are

  •     A questionnaire is filed by the person on which the trial needs to be conducted.
  • The result of the trial is to make the person aware of any side effects.
  • Consent forms that make aware all the participants whether they need to join the trial or not.  
  • Prior health records help the trial administrators to know about any health concerns so that they stop the person from participating.


A doctor might see 20 patients in a day, but if he conducts a clinical trial then he can bring a new treatment to the market.  If that treatment is translate into multiple languages, then it can save the lives of millions of people.

It is the probability that the treatment that you are seeking can’t provide you with an immediate remedy, however, it can be fruitful in the future.

Bringing New Treatment to Market

Each product is utilize in clinical practice, Whether, it is a new vaccine or new medicine. They are rigorously test before releasing into the market for use. 

Without clinical trials, new treatments, medicines, and vaccines can’t be release on the market. To share new medical treatments with develop countries, trial translation is require.

They Provide Good Information Regarding Drugs

Suppose, if there are five license drugs available to treat a specific ailment and there is a prescription for the patient that suits him, it is ok. But on the other hand, if the prescribed medicine is not working on the patient, then the clinical trial that you have conducted on two drugs will assist you. 

You are in a better position to decide which medicine to use if it is provided to you in the language that you understand.

Safety And Efficacy

The new treatment that is release on the market should be safe and effective. For this purpose, different regulatory bodies like FDA, OHRP, IRB, and USDA see the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trials.

They can be use in the market after their approval. Moreover, people can use it if it is provided to them in a language that they understand.

Removes the Physician’s Bias

The doctor must provide the best health services to patients. However, sometimes doctors also get bias in providing medicines to the patients. They think that new drug is better than old drugs. 

They are not rational in this decision. In such cases, clinical trials help them in their practice and they can provide better health services to the patient. In short, clinical trials strive for better health facilities if they are conduct with translation services.

Conducting Clinical Tests on Kids

Do you know that only a minority of vaccines and drugs are test on kids? Many people are against conducting clinical trials on kids because they think that kids are little adults. 

This is not a valid reason. Children vary from adults in metabolism and physiology. Therefore, it is equally important to test vaccines and drugs on children to do valid research. Testing of the vaccine always starts in adults. If they are safe and effective in adults then it is test on children.

 Hiring the Translation Agency for Clinical Trials Translation Service

Clinical trials hold great importance in health sciences. It is the process of improving medical facilities. The medical field is related to human life. Therefore, there is no room for error in clinical trial translations. 

To get error-free results, you must hire a professional translation agency. You will get the following privileges if you work with translation agencies.

They translate the medical terminologies and pharmaceutical terms with precision. The most challenging part of the translation of clinical trials is the translation of medical jargon.  

Translation agencies have a team of subject-matter experts that have prior experience in the medical field. Therefore, they provide you with accurate and precise clinical trial translations.

  • The native translators working at translation agencies understand the cultural and regional nuances. In this way, the participants included in the trial have the know-how of the trial and they feel comfortable throughout the process.
  • They can easily address the technical issue that can pop up during the translation and localization process.
  •  They make sure that the clinical trial project is completed on time.
  • If there is any alteration require in the localization process, research design, information, and functionality, they do it easily.
  • Translation agencies use a translation memory database that contains terminology related to the medical field. They use these translations for future research and trials. In this way, they need not translate the repeated content again and again.
  • They translate the content according to international standards and regulations.

Psychology Impact of Disease

Many patients in the world that are fighting fatal diseases are give counseling by psychologists. If they have gone to a foreign country for better health facilities, then they also require the assistance of psychology translation services.

In the unprecedented time of Covid-19, many people also suffered from psychological problems. They are so afraid of the virus that they keep on washing their hands the entire day and keep themselves in isolation.

The Covid-19 patients are more prone to psychological issues. Thanks to the medical trials that resulted in the formation of vaccines.

Wrapping Up

The health care sciences can combat lethal pandemics with the help of vaccines. These vaccines are the result of massive medical trials. To include the general public in clinical trial procedures, it is important to include translation and localization services in this process.

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