Impact of Digital Technologies on Business Practices

The topic I Have chosen is the impact of digital technology on the practices and engagement of a business and how it has transformed the skills and productivity of the workers. Today, no organization can survive or gain a competitive edge in the industry by incorporating the latest technology in its operations and management.  It is not wrong to say that technology has taken all over.

From the health sector to educations and in businesses, the latest technology is used to gain the leading edge in the market, make more profits, reach potential clients and retain the customers forever. Taking the topic into consideration, I have chosen kiosks in today’s services providing businesses. A self-service kiosk is an important machine that helps customers get the services of a company directly or communicate with them at their convenience. It is very simple to use.  When you reach a business Practices, you move towards the kiosk machine, use your card and avail of the services.

Business in 21 Century

This is the 21st century, where everything is digitalized now. Technology is present everywhere, and it has tremendously transformed our lives. From health to education and businesses, everything is now digitalized. The topic is important to understand how technology has changed organizations’ operations, management, and customer services. Today the customers are more impulsive yet very demanding. They will easily switch to another brand or organization if they are not happy with the services or products a specific brand is providing. To attract new customers and retain the older ones, the organizations today shall be more customer-oriented. They shall incorporate digital technologies that can help them build a strong relationship with them.

The self-service machine came into the limelight when business Practices and service providers discovered that most customers never turned back due to poor or even average quality of service. The topic finds how MacDonald was giving customer services before incorporating kiosks systems in their outlets and managing to build long-lasting relations with clients.

What is a self-service kiosk machine?

A self-service kiosk is an important machine that helps customers communicate directly with businesses and get their services. They receive the services at their convenience.

It is very simple to use. Just approach the kiosk machine when you enter a business Practices, pay via card money and receive a coupon. Now there is no need of waiting in long lines or asking for assistance. These self-service machines could now be seen all across the globe today. Whether you are at an airport or visiting a hospital or a bank, you would find this machine standing in a corner to facilitate the clients better.

How does a kiosk machine work?

A self-service kiosk is the latest digital machine installed in a crowded place to provide people self-service access to products and services of the businesses. It might also give a key to the internet for web surfing and email, viewing multimedia files, and accessing various software applications.

What is the purpose of a kiosk machine?

The purpose of kiosk machines is to facilitate the customers on a first-come and first-serve basis and give them the best experience they could expect from the organization. These organizations use the self-service kiosks because they do not want their customers to wait long for their turn, which might lead to frustration in many cases. While a study concludes that if a client has to wait for long hours in restaurants, a  bank, or any other services are providing organization, there higher chances are that he would not come back.

Why are organizations using kiosks?

A kiosk machine benefits the organizations in two major ways: it minimizes the expenses of wages to the workers. Secondly, as the machines save the customers’ time, the business Practices can build and maintain a strong relationship with the clients forever.

The technology used in kiosks:

A kiosk is an interactive terminal that provides access to information and applications. The booths incorporate the traditional OSs like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc., but the operating systems specifically designed for kiosks are FireCast OS.  The application of the booths works on a software program responsible for the look and feel, usability, and functional logic of a device.

What type of businesses and organizations uses the technology?

The self-service kiosks are use by organizations that provide services and believe in providing high-quality services to their customers. The service-providing organizations believe in attracting new clients and retaining the older ones. Hospitals, banks, airports, bus stations, shopping malls, restaurants, or fast-food chains use the kiosks.

How it is used as a business tool, and it is effective?

Different types of self-service kiosks are coming in the service-providing industries. Consider people using the machine, including the airports, banks, restaurants and shopping malls. At the same time, most of the customers do not know how to use these latest digital machines. Today multiple organizations, are incorporating service providing technology that lies in software development. If they are vising a business practices, they won’t have to wait in long lines, so they avail the services.  This brings in revenue to the companies, bringing in more orders as the order processing time is less.

Different kinds of self-service kiosks have been emerging all over the market from multiple types of service industries. Usually, people do not know how to use the self-service kiosks machines installed. However, today, many organizations use the latest technology based on software development to create effective digital communication with clients.

These benefits call the businesses to encourage the graph by the Statista reflects the growth of the global kiosk market. The bar compares the market in 2018 and with the forecasting for 2025. Analyzing the figure, the paper concludes that revenue becomes twice in provided tenure.

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This is the 21st century- an advanced digital era. This means that no business can survive in the market without the incorporation of the latest technologies. Today various companies, irrespective of their size and kind, are using multiple types of technologies. The latest gadgets provide better products and services to the business clients to retain them for longer. The use of kiosk machines in the services providing industries has transformed the businesses that would operate in past years. Today, the company could attract more customers, maintain strong relations with the existing ones. And collect other required information to make the business marketing strategies. Because, customer attraction and the retention of customers are also important for a specific share in the markets.

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