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Ideas and steps to decorate the house for Diwali

A festival that’s very special in every house, no matter at which corner of India you stay, is Diwali. The festival has its delight and is the most awaited for the whole year. Well, the preparation of it starts way before the actual day as the decoration requires time. Mythologically, we celebrate the festival to mark the occasion of the return of Lord Rama after victory over Ravana. So the people there had decorated the whole place with lights. It’s essential to light lamps, candles, and diyas because it was the victory of light over darkness.

The day is hectic for every family because it’s the time when you invite guests in the house, a small puja is held in your home, Diwali gifts are exchanged and kids have fun by bursting crackers. For many people, it’s the beginning of a new year in Hindu culture. So if you are amongst those, then shopping for new clothes is also a vital part of the Diwali festival. Well, with Diwali approaching soon, there are many things that you need to do, and it’s an arduous task to decorate the house every year differently. However, when the Diwali preparations are in full swing, you should not lag just because of the lack of ideas, so here are some things that you can do to make your home look different in every Diwali:


Start from the pooja room:

diwali pooja room

as Indians, it’s not an unknown fact that every celebration begins from thanksgiving to God and asking them to shower their choicest blessing on you for the rest of the year in every problem. So when Diwali is a festival that is a celebration of the return of Lord Rama to his house after walking on the path of righteousness, then the festival every year has to begin from the pooja room only.

However, being in a fast-moving world, we do not always decorate the pooja room properly, and all you do is light Diyas every day. So during Diwali, the first thing you will have to do is clean the room; if needed, you can get the place a new color to look even more bright. After that’s done, you can purchase fancy diyas stands or hanging diyas and decorate the place because nothing can make the place look more beautiful than the bright yellow color of the diyas. In many houses, people organize a pooja of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on Diwali. At the beginning of the Hindu new year, we also need their blessing for new beginnings and financial stability. So, what you can do is replace the old idles and buy a new one. Also, you can purchase buy garlands of fresh flowers that will look good. 

Decorate the house with marigold flowers:

an Indian festival is incomplete without the use of marigolds. But it’s just a tradition that prople follow without reason. First, the flower has its importance. Marigolds are also known as “herb of the sun”, and when you decorate the house with them, the vibe that they bring along is very positive. The flower’s bright yellow and orange colors instantly uplift the mood of the family and friends you invite and make the house look festive. Moreover, there are a variety of uses of the flower Marigold. Firstly the fower is regarded as God’s favorite as the flower is always used during poojas. Secondly, it is used to decorate the household’s interior. For that, you can purchase long and fresh garlands from the market and place them around the beautiful rangoli made during Diwali, or hang above the doors and entrance of the house that gives a festive look. 


Use fairy lights:
diwali fairy lights decoration
diwali fairy lights decoration

when it’s Diwali, the entire house inside looks like a fairytale castle because of the way it’s decorated. So every house in your locality stands up in the silent competition of looking its best during Diwali. So if you are planning to make your home win, string up fairy lights outside the home. It is thought to be very easy, but the most tricky part of stringing up lights is its combination. You must have seen many houses lose at the light game because of the wrong selection of light.

When it’s Diwali, the brighter the combination, the better it is. So when you plan to decorate the exterior of your home with fairy lights, prefer the combination of yellow, red, sky blue, and green. Avoid colors like dark blue, dark green and pink if your house is painted in dark colors. That will often make your home look even darker, and you will lose the chance of standing out in the colony. Well, just the use of fairy lights in Diwali will not give you the traditional feeling. 


Candles and Diyas
diwali diyas
diwali diyas

Diwali is incomplete without the use of candles and diyas. About a week before Diwali, the markets are filled with all the essential things needed for Diwali decoration. Garlands, lanterns and many more but amongst all those diyas and candles, rule are still most purchased. Even after the years, the celebration of the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya is celebrated with candles and diyas. The diyas that are made of burnt clay adds a different look to the decoration of the house. You can use it around the rangoli that you make on the doorsteps, or on the house’s walls. It is said that the oil diyas are not just used for desire but are mythologically powerful also. They expel the darkness from the house, and it expels all the negative vibes from the place. 

No matter what you do, these three basic things are the building blocks of every idea in Diwali that you have regarding the decoration of the house. So, if you are confused about how to start the decoration and what to do, the ideas as mentioned above will give you a base for your planning. 

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