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Hypno Gastric Band and Its Right For You

One of the most popular ways to lose weight is through the use of a hypno gastric band. This treatment involves placing a band around the stomach in order to force the person to eat less. The person who undergoes this procedure is a good candidate for the treatment because they are motivated to change their lifestyle. However, they must be committed to the new lifestyle and the changes that will take place in their lives. This is because the results of this Hypno Gastric band will have a lasting impact on the other members of their family.

Hypno gastric band is a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical weight loss methods. It involves the use of hypnosis to make the patient believe that they have undergone a gastric band procedure. This technique reduces the size of the stomach by convincing the patient’s subconscious that they have undergone the surgery. There are four sessions in total, each lasting 50 minutes. The fourth session should be held about four weeks after the third session.

How it Works

The Hypno Gastric Band programme is carried out over six sessions. A follow-up consultation will be held eight to 16 weeks after the main therapy. These sessions will check your progress and adjust the Gastric Band. During the initial consultation, you will get an assessment of your suitability for the programme and ask questions about the process. The therapist will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the programme.

Gastric Band

There are several benefits of using hypno gastric band. Unlike the surgical gastric band, it is non-invasive and doesn’t come with any risks or side effects. The cost of a hypnogastric band is only a twentieth of the price of a surgical gastric band. In addition to helping you lose weight, hypno-gastric band treatment can also help you overcome certain phobias.

Non Medical Procedure

The Hypno Gastric Band procedure is a non-medical procedure that involves a Hypnotherapy session that makes the subconscious mind believe that the gastric band is a real operation. Consequently, the procedure can reduce the amount of food and drink that a person eats. It can also help people lose weight and increase confidence. The results of this treatment are positive and permanent. The procedure can be completed as early as six weeks after the procedure.

When using hypno gastric band, the patient is guided through a deep relaxation protocol to convince their mind that they have a gastric band. This method has a number of advantages and is an excellent option for those who are worried about the surgery. In the majority of cases, a person can lose weight by undergoing a hypno gastric band without the need for surgery. A review found that a hypno gastric band has a greater chance of success than a surgical procedure.


The benefits of using hypno gastric band are numerous. Unlike a surgical procedure, this treatment is safe and does not involve any risks. It can be done privately and is a fraction of the cost of a surgical gastric band. When a hypnogastric band is used, it is a great option to reduce obesity and control food addiction. Aside from its effectiveness, the hypnogastric band is also a very affordable option.

Hypno Gastric

Hypnogastric band starts with a deep relaxation protocol. This helps the patient feel comfortable with the idea of the surgery and the procedure itself. It also has a low risk of complications and can be performed in a short time. This method is also very convenient, as the procedure does not require a hospital stay. It is a great option for those who are not confident about the surgery. This type of hypnotherapy is the best way to lose weight.

A hypno gastric band is a nonsurgical weight loss procedure that uses hypnosis to help the patient achieve their weight loss goals. This procedure costs about a quarter of the price of a surgical gastric band. The benefits of this treatment include a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Most patients find it to be an effective option for shedding excess fat.

Is Hypnosis Right For You?

If you are considering a gastric band, you may be wondering if hypnosis is right for you. This alternative treatment is very similar to the real thing, and can be very helpful. Unlike the real thing, there are no medical risks and the weight loss is permanent. It works by reducing the person’s urges to eat. A hypnosis session can also be more comfortable than a surgical procedure.

Another great benefit of hypnosis is that it is very fast. It takes only a few sessions, and is a non-invasive procedure. During the first session, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. You will experience fewer cravings for food and drink, and you will begin to feel more confident about your body. Your confidence will increase and your body weight will continue to drop. A hypnotic gastric band can even reduce your stress level and anxiety.

New behaviors

In the hypno gastric band program, patients will be taught new behaviours to support their new lifestyle. They will also revisit long-forgotten experiences that may be related to emotional eating. The goal of the program is to convince the subconscious mind that a physical surgery has been performed. The patient will be in a state of hypnosis while undergoing the therapy. This means the critical mind is bypassed and the unconscious mind is more receptive to new suggestions.

Hypno Gastric Band

After undergoing hypno gastric band therapy, the patient will need to make a decision regarding which method is right for him or her. A hypno gastric band operation can help you lose the weight you’ve gained. However, if hypnosis is not right for you, it may not be right for you. You should first discuss with your doctor before making a decision. There are many advantages of this treatment, so make sure you choose the one that is right for you.

Sessions after therapy

After the hypno gastric band therapy, you will need to follow up with three to four sessions. The first three sessions are generally one per week. After the third session, you will need to wait for a month or two before the next. During the first two sessions, the patient will be given a recording to listen to at home between sessions. On session three, the patient will be given another recording to listen to in between sessions. The recordings should be listened to on a daily basis to continue the therapy.

While you might think that hypno gastric band surgery is a good option for you, it should be used with caution. You should consider all the pros and cons before undergoing any procedure. It is important to find a reputable and experienced therapist who will use a safe, effective method to ensure that you get the results you are seeking. You will be able to feel healthier, more confident, and more motivated after the hypnosis session.

Hypno Gastric Band

The first session of the Hypno Gastric Band therapy will be a consultation. The first three sessions will usually be one week apart, and the fourth session is one month after the previous sessions. During this time, the patient will have a recording to listen to in between sessions, and will be given a further recording on the third day. These recordings are crucial in the therapy. They should be listened to daily.

Psychological Treatment

Hypno Gastric Band Therapy is a psychological treatment. The treatment consists of four sessions. The first three sessions are weekly, while the fourth session is a monthly break. In between sessions, the patient will be given a recording to listen to in between sessions. After the third session, the patient will receive a further recording to listen to daily. The hypno gastric band is a highly successful method for addressing obesity.

Hypno Gastric Band therapy is a non-surgical procedure. It involves a series of sessions, one session per week. The fourth session is a month after the first three. Each session is followed by a recording. The patient is also encouraged to listen to the recording between sessions. The hypno gastric band can help you control emotional eating. If you are a candidate for the procedure, a few sessions will be needed to see the results you desire.

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