How you should start a blog and make money online

How you should start a blog and make money online

1. Choose a niche –
Choosing a niche is the first step whenever you decide to start a blog. You don’t save this Dutch wat as a niche, let me tell you that niche is the keyword you would like to create your blog on.Suppose you have complete knowledge of cooking and create a blog or share ways of cooking with things. In this CAS, your niche is cooking.Try picking a niche or you have complete knowledge that interests you. You have an option which niche you are not interested in, there is very little chance that you will be successful in this niche How you should start a blog and make money online.Katienicholl

Things to keep in mind before ordering a nest
Choose a niche in which you have good knowledge and an interest.
Try to find a less competitive niche.
Before you finish the nest, you will need to do some research to preserve the money for this nest.
2. Select a platform –
When it comes to choosing a blogging platform or is made up of numerous platforms, these are Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger Is a free e-book printing platform for saving Grace money on blogging. You can purchase a domain name and add this domain to your web blogger troch.

WordPress, on the other hand, needs money to buy a domain name and a good hosting plan. You don’t have a lot of money to invest in an accommodation plan, you can try a free trial. There are several accommodation companies offering 60 accommodation has free websites, you will need to read them at the beginning of your blog journey.

You are thinking of launching your blog professionally, but I highly recommend that you prefer WordPress to Blogger. Since there are a lot of advanced subdivisions in WordPress and for search engine optimization, WordPress is a good choice.

I don’t like that you can’t create a professional web door with Blogger, but it will take a lot of time and effort to do it on platen-forme blogger Blogger. It is therefore best to invest a few dollars in a good accommodation plan and have a good trip to the blog. How you should start a blog and make money online

3-Buy domain names with accommodation plans –
The domain name is important every time you start a WordPress Op. The domain name is the address of your blog address.

Whenever a user takes your domain name in a survey, they connect to your website. There are several domain registrar domains like godaddy, NameCheap with which you can buy a domain name easily.

Having acquired a domain name for your blog, Est Venu d’Acheter currently has a good hosting plan for your blog. Arrangement is the placement of your files and databases from the web.

Many aspects of your web, as well as the time, location, and holidays of your web depend on your accommodation plan. So, judge your acceptance plan judiciously. Think twice before booking your accommodation plan. Do not print When choosing an accommodation plan for your blog. How you should start a blog and make money online

4. Install articles on your blog –
Once you’ve integrated Success WordPress into your blog, it’s time to download a simple and easy-to-look professional theme.

Well there are themes installed by default more ta. In WordPress when you install WordPress on your blog. But the default WordPress theme isn’t professional either.

If you are looking for the perfect lightweight theme for your blog, gean will recommend that you opt for Astra or Gene GeneratePress. The two topics mentioned are repertoire in the free and advanced version.

You do not have the necessary funds to invest in This Advance, you are encouraged to opt for Astra for free. Astra This is one of the simplest topics currently on the market. I use the Astra theme on my main blog and have impressive speed at the time of posting.

But you can get a few bucks for a good deal, opt for GeneratePress. GeneratePress is a lightweight theme designed for speed, stability and accessibility. To date, they represent more than 80,000 customers benefiting from more than 3,379,280 accounts worldwide.

Part of the statistics listed below CI, you can create a script for the popular GeneratePress theme. GeneratePress doesn’t cost just $ 59 a year, and you can use up to 500 websites. If you want to buy this item for the rest of your life, it’ll cost you $ 249 and you’ll get a meal for life.

GeneratePress Premium also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can pay the Guarantee

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