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How to wash a tool backpack

How to wash a tool backpack

It seems as though most people know how to clean a tool backpack but just have no idea about how to properly do it. This article will educate you on how you can make your backpack look new again by washing it yourself! Here’s what you need to get started:


Get it wet

First off, you’ll want to get the backpack with hard hat holder wet. Use a mild detergent and soap to wash it and rinse it several times. Let each cycle soak for about five minutes before you rinse out the backpack with cold water. You can also use a brush attachment on your sink to scrub away dirt and debris. Dry your backpack completely before storing it.


Pre-test the backpack

Next, you’ll need to pre-test your backpack to make sure that all of the compartments are clean. If you notice any stains or signs of wear, fill them in with new material. Next, go through each compartment and scrub away rust and grime. After that, rinse out the compartment in hot water. Follow this up by drying out your backpack in the open air.


Locate the tool bag

Next, you’ll need to locate your tool bag. To do this, you’ll need to pull the backpack close to your body, then lift the top part of the bag towards your shoulders. You should see a small opening on the back of the bag which allows you to insert your toothbrush or other cleaning instruments. Pull the bottom part of the bag off of your back, and attach it to your workbench or table. Now you’re ready to do some serious cleaning!


Dry the backpack

When you’re done, you should have a clean tool backpack that looks as good as new. To dry your backpack, try to lay it flat against a flat surface such as a table. Never lay it on your towel or any other absorbent fabric. Also, be sure not to lay the tool on any area where moisture can collect such as your car’s sunroof or the underside of your vehicle’s dashboard. If moisture collects in these areas, the tool will begin to rust.


Special material and detergents

Now that you’ve dried your backpack, it’s time to wash it. Although most backpack models come with a special material and detergents intended for washing, it is still a good idea to follow the directions on the packaging. For most backpacks, you will need to wash them using a mild detergent made specifically for cloths made specifically for cleaning. Washing a backpack using these specific fabrics will help prevent the risk of damaging the fabric when drying it.


Bleach or abrasive chemicals

When choosing the best detergent to use, make sure that it doesn’t contain any bleach or abrasive chemicals. These can permanently damage your backpack if you don’t carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re uncertain about how to wash a tool backpack, use plain water to start off with so that you can test its effectiveness. Once you are confident in its efficiency, you can move on to stronger detergents which should be applied one at a time and worked into the cloth’s sheath.


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