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How to wash a double jogging stroller

How to wash a double jogging stroller

When it comes to learning how to wash a double jogging stroller, there are many important steps to take. Not only is it important to ensure that you get the right product for the job, but it is also important to know how to properly clean and remove stains from the product. One of the most important factors is to be sure that the stroller is completely dried when you are done washing it. You will want to be very careful that you do not leave any water stains on the product. In order to be able to clean the stroller without leaving any water spots you will want to use a cleaner that removes any sort of greasy or waxy residue.


The first step

The first step in learning how to clean the best double jogging stroller is to make sure that you remove all of the fabric parts off of the stroller. Once you have taken this step all you have left to do is remove all of the plastic parts from the stroller. Make sure to pay close attention to the wheels as they will be much easier to remove compared to the rest of the parts. You will want to remove them in order to properly clean the stroller.


The stains

In order to make sure that stains do not show up on the seat of your jogging stroller you will want to use a mild detergent. The most common stains that people notice are chocolate and oil stains. These stains can be removed fairly easily by using lemon juice or vinegar. However, you will want to keep away from bleach stains as they are harder to remove. You may also want to try using a small amount of white vinegar. The main thing to remember is that you should always test any type of cleaner on a small area of the product before applying it to the actual stain.


Use a soft brush and scrub

When you are trying to remove stains from clothing, you will want to take a soft brush and scrub the fabric gently. You should only use mild chemicals so that you do not irritate the skin. The same rule for fabric softener stains applies. If a stain appears to be more stubborn, you may want to use a combination of water and fabric softener. It is also important to rinse the garment thoroughly after cleaning it to eliminate any residue that remained after cleaning it.


Cleaning the inside

After you have cleaned the fabric on the outside of your jogging stroller you will want to clean it on the inside. To do this you will need to first remove the protective cover on the stroller. On some models, this can be found on the bottom of the stroller. Once you have access to it, you will need to remove the inside rear panel of the stroller. To do this you will either use a cloth or a tool with a large hook.

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