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How to use a reusable cotton bud?

If you are here, it is because you have probably made the same observation as us: in our bathrooms, many hygiene products are a source of waste daily. This is particularly the case with classic cotton buds criticized for their impact on the environment. Do you want to replace your disposable cotton bud? Do you have questions about using the washable and reusable cotton bud?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we take stock of everything you need to know about silicone, bamboo and stainless steel ear picks.
You will see how to use a reusable cotton bud properly! Although it requires a few precautions, this little zero-waste accessory is easy to use and very easy to clean with warm water and soap. Ecological, economical, efficient and practical, your new generation cotton bud will become your best zero-waste ally!

In this article :
We take stock of all the advantages of this revolutionary little utensil.
We explain how to correctly use and maintain your reusable silicone cotton bud. In particular, you will see the mistakes to avoid so that it lasts as long as possible.
We summarize the main characteristics of two other ecological solutions for cleaning the ears: the bamboo oculi and the stainless steel ear cleaner.
Want to know more about the new essential accessory in your bathroom? Let’s go!

Why get a zero-waste cotton bud?

As you probably know, plastic cotton buds were banned from sale in January 2020, along with other single-use plastic products. Since then, reusable silicone models (formulated without BPA is better) have been popular! Let’s go back to their advantages right away.

They are ecological

Silicone washable cotton buds are durable over time. Say goodbye to single-use models that end up in the trash after 10 seconds of use! Imagine, every day, nearly 1.5 billion disposable cotton buds would be produced for just one use. It is not surprising that they are part of the list of the most found litter on the beaches.

Since it cannot be thrown away after being used, the washable cotton bud limits the production of waste from our bathrooms. It can be reused thousands of times and therefore potentially replaces hundreds of traditional cotton buds over a few years. Generally speaking, reusable cotton buds are also more environmentally friendly in their manufacture.

They are easy to use

Admittedly, when you’re used to the cotton tip, it’s a little weird at first to use a reusable all-silicone bud. That said, it is no less effective for cleaning our ears! Just as easy to handle, it also has a specially designed end to capture as much earwax as possible at the entrance to the ear. We will go into more detail on its use a little later in this article.

They are suitable for the whole family

Available in several colours, these small accessories will suit the whole family. Everyone has their colour! Note however that their use by children must be done under the supervision of an adult. Indeed, you have to be careful not to go too deep in the ear, as with classic bamboo ear buds in the end.

As a reminder, these are not made to sink into the ear, but to remove excess earwax at the entrance to the ear, otherwise beware of the eardrum and the creation of plugs!

They are economical

In addition to their ecological aspect, models of reusable cotton buds are of course economical since they last for many years, or even a lifetime if you take care of them! So many years during which you will no longer need to renew your stock of cotton buds. No more regular expenses!

Even if your reusable biodegradable cotton buds will cost you more to buy than a box of conventional cotton buds, it will pay for itself over the years and will prove to be much more economical in the long term.

How to use a reusable silicone cotton bud?

For starters, know that it is not necessarily necessary to clean your ears every day. Remember that earwax isn’t dirty. On the contrary, it is a natural secretion of the body essential for the protection of the auditory canal. Earwax ensures the hygiene of the latter by preventing germs and bacteria from entering it. It would therefore act as a protective and antiseptic film! Moreover, the more you tend to withdraw it, the more your body will tend to secrete it. Also, note that daily excessive cleaning could cause irritation and eczema. So what to do?

Washing once a week is enough. Also, your silicone cotton bud has small rounded nubs to facilitate the extraction of wax residue. There is therefore no need to make movements towards the back of your ear, which could also cause the formation of plugs. Instead, make small circular movements by turning the cotton bud on itself, at the entrance of the ear. This process will be enough to extract the excess earwax only.
Our tip? You can use your cotton bud when you get out of the shower when your ears are still wet. Excess earwax will leave more easily.

When you first begin utilizing it, you won’t want to stop using it. When you reuse a traditional cotton bud, you will get the sense that it is less effective, which is exactly the contrary of what you would expect it to do. Participate in the exercise, and you will find out for yourself!

How to maintain your washable cotton bud?

Good news! Your washable cotton bud will require little maintenance effort. Be sure to take minimum care of it so that it accompanies you as long as possible. Here are the do’s and don’ts to extend the life of your new accessory.

When you first start utilizing it, you won’t want to stop using it. It will even have the reverse effect, creating the appearance that a standard cotton bud is less efficient. This is because it will make the cotton bud larger. Try it out for yourself, and judge for yourself!

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