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How to Study MBBS in Germany – Study Medical In Germany

 How to Study MBBS in Germany

So you’ll come across a lot of things how can you study in Germany, a lot of phases, Hencea lot of words which are used in German medical system, German education system. And you will understand how and what things you have to do. If you need, you can just take up and paper and note it down for your understanding. So Germany is a very desirable country where anyone would like this, pursue not only just medical but so many other same sites, economics for, maybe engineering, maybe technological things, humanities and for many more. But once you understand that Germany is very strict and adamant about their language, and it really requires you to learn the German language before you even think about studying MBBS in Germany.

we’re going to cover the aspects of how to study MBBS in Germany.

What are the things we require? and What are the eligible criteria?

What are the tuition fees structure in case you don’t get his seat where you can have the tuition-free, like studying MBBS free in Germany?

I also will pick up the concept, the names of phrases that are used when you talk about studying media in Germany.

Before I start anything, I would like to tell you about the

eligibility criteria for applying in medical school or the education term of Germany.

There is no concept of best four marks in Germany, so all the six subjects marks are totally checked, whether they are above 85, 90, 95% or not. You are eligible to get admission, or you should think that you are eligible to get admission in German medical College only if your percentage is above 85% and 12. Aggregate of all this accepting the first thing first. Yes, the education in Germany is free, of course, but there is a star on the statement which most of the information givers do not put and why they don’t put.

I don’t have any information about that. you know what terms and conditions apply when you say the tuition fee or studying MBBS in Germany. Is free. First thing, once again, there is no MBBS concept, MBBS + MD, which you clear in six plus 1 year there.

it will be ideal if you start from 10 or 11 to start learning German language in case you are at that level as you watch this video, if you’ve already passed that thing and you are now looking for admission, then you have to spend one more year or one and a half you to learn this language and reach up to this level. basically when I am going to explain to this that we study tenses to in India, However, in Germany, 10 plus three. there is a need of this gap to be fulfilled which you filter there when you go there and study in student College to take admission student College, you have to apply for an invitation test which is called Aufnahmeprufung

So basically it’s an invitation test or student College.

what is student College?

It’s basically a gap here that Indians have to fulfill to be equivalent to the German Abitur German education system. So you have to come to a level. For example, if you apply to a University for your course, they will see marks your studies and they will say that no, you are not up to the Mark base. There’s a gap of one year. So please first of all, take admission posting College.

You will be asked for an invitation test which is called name proof. After you give this invitation test, they will see whether you are okay to get admission to the student College or not. If you will be, you will be given an invitation and you will be called there in Germany to fill this gap. So now there are many pros and cons also and many Glitches. Also when you are going to take admission in Student College, the first thing is the first thing is the ratio between the places and the student is 22,000.

So they are 20 places and they can with house an application for the same. So you really have to have a good debt and good marks in that examination to get a place in the Student College.

There are five types of courses Study In Germany

in Student College. So basically this

M course which is for Medical

T course, which is for technical courses. If you want to go for any technical courses, where there’s

G course for arts and humanities, where

W course of course, as he pronounced for economics and the

S course for philology.

There are so many courses. of course, if you want to go for medical, then you will be choosing a course in student College. So in this, you will be all German language, this chemistry, and biology.

At the end of your College you have to give an examination called “FESTSTELLUNGSPRUFUNG”. So it’s a final test.

And if you clear that. So what will happen?

Your GPA of 12 Mark Sheet will be indi

Your GPA of this examination that you have given. and, the GPA of a 12 Mark sheet will be calculated and the indicates will be your actual aggregate which is required for you take admission in Medical College. It will be lesser than the GP of others. So you might not get a chance to take admission in Medical College.

Your 12th marksheet is important

If you have, then definitely you will get a push on there. That’s why the 12 Mark sheets and are very important for you to get into a German medical College. I don’t want to demotivate you, but they have the ratio and a pet sense to take up the students. They only take 5% of non EU citizens. So basically the chances to get into a medical College is very low there in German medical colleges.

So basically first thing, you have to have German language proficiency up to two-level. Then you have to give an entire examination to get into Student College. Then you have to give an examination when you come out of Student College and according to your GPA in that examination and your GPA of 12, you will be eligible or not eligible to enter into medical College. After all, as I told you, there is a terms & conditions. So get into a German medical College. If you are if you are really good Mark, then you will be able to get a seat where you don’t have to pay anything, no tuition fees.

So you are studies by free, but it basically depends on your capabilities and your confidence. You Mark your hard work then otherwise, no, you might have to pay. Hence, If in case you get admission in any private medical College to see suppress it’s 700 dollars per semester, which comes approximately five lac per semester and 10 lac per year.Still, No doubt that German health care has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and very high level of equipment and the hospitals are there with each University is the associated hospital with the same name where you can do your clinical practice.

Is it worth to study in Germany?

There are the opportunities to enter into the German medical College may be less, but after you successfully clear that everything the payout is very good.

And of course, the standard of living in Germany is really, really nice and very encouraging also to go through all this.After all, the verdict it is getting into Germany and getting into German medical College sounds a bit hard, but that’s why the level of studies and the level of respect for this thing is also very high. Accordingly, in case we need any kind of assistance and you want to study in Germany, you may contact us because

For the students who are always studying abroad in countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Balloon, Philippines, Georgia, most of the students from here go to pursue their PG in Germany. And the process is much easier than that of studying MBBS  in Germany because you’re totally Nive in the broad education than defiantly your struggle becomes a bit higher and extra.

The process, however, to do PG in Germany is much more easier than that doing MBBS in Germany. In my next video, I would like to cover this thing of how to do PG in Germany.

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