How to Recover Deleted MPEG/MPG Video Files in Easy Ways

Have you lost your video files and wish to recover them?

You can easily obtain services for data recovery in Singapore or can look for the tool or software that will provide you with information on how to restore such video files.

Furthermore, such an MPG file recovery method enables you to understand what these files are and the reasons for their deletion.

Furthermore, leveraging such tools can make you:

  • Restore badly affected or broken video files, as well as password-protected video files, with ease
  • AVI, MPG, 3GP, M4V, and other video file formats can also be retrieved
  • Also, files can be easily restored from varying storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, and so on
  • Comes with multiple platform compatibility
  • Files recovery can be performed leveraging several memory card types like SD, CF, MMC, and more

Table of Contents

MPEG Videos Defined

Factors Responsible for Lost or Inaccessible MPEG Video Files

Ways to Recover Deleted or Lost MPG/MPEG Video Files

  1. Recover Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin
  2. Restore Using Data Recovery Tool
  3. Leverage Command Prompt Method
  4. Ways for MPEG File Deletion Prevention


MPEG Videos Defined

MPEG or Moving Pictures Experts Group is a video format for easy transmission of visual data. As a result, it is commonly used by consumers to quickly capture and save high-quality videos on their cards or other storage devices.

Such MPEG files, on the other hand, can become unavailable or erased for a variety of reasons, including faulty formatting, file deletion by accident, or malware attacks.

Factors Responsible for Lost or Inaccessible MPEG Video Files

  • OS Crash: When there is a power outage or a hang-up, the systems lose their ability to function normally, resulting in a sudden boot failure or crash.
  • Virus Attack: When you download unprotected data from the internet, your MPEG files can become infected with malware or viruses.
  • Improper Storage System Formatting: Improper formatting of your storage devices, which is a regular annoyance, might remove all of your files from the current location on your OS.
  • Hardware Failure: Poor system hardware maintenance causes it to stop working as it should and may lead to a failure.
  • MPEG Video File Corruption: Any data transfer failure or system shutdown causes MPEG files to get corrupted during the transfer of data.

Ways to Recover Deleted or Lost MPG/MPEG Video Files

1. Recover Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin

It’s a simple and well-known way of restoring files that everyone is familiar with.

All you need is to follow these steps:

  • Find the shortcut to recycle bin on your system and open it
  • Discover the required data or folders in the recycle bin
  • Right-click on the selected video files and press the restore button

However, if you’ve emptied the bin and there’s no data in it, you’ll need to move on to the next step, which is outlined below.

2. Restore Using Data Recovery Tool

As previously said, using recovery software is the most effective way to recover deleted videos.

Whether your hard drive has failed or data has been lost due to other circumstances, you can use hard drive recovery software or another option to restore your video files.

  • Select preferred Path: To begin, choose the folder, external storage, or location where you want to restore deleted or lost data. Afterwards, choose the “Scan” option.
  • Preview restored Video Files: After the scanning process is done, you can view the data that has been retrieved.
  • Restore Files:  Lastly, pick the files, data, audio, video, pictures you need to retrieve and press “Recover” to restore to the path you want.

3. Leverage Command Prompt Method

One of the simple ways for retrieving any data type that has been lost or corrupted is to use the CMD prompt. There are a variety of reasons why your MPEG files may be deleted, but you can quickly restore them later.

Follow these steps for retrieving your lost video data:

  • To begin, log in as an administrator to Command Prompt
  • Then type the chkdsk/r/f X: command and click enter
  • Change the drive size sign for the letter X
  • Once done, disconnect and reattach the device where the video files are stored after you’ve

4. Ways for MPEG File Deletion Prevention

  • Never format, erase, or modify data that isn’t absolutely necessary
  • Always ensure that you are deleting the right file before you attempt it
  • Before launching any videos, be sure they’ve been thoroughly inspected with a reputable antivirus
  • While transferring video files from one device to another or from one path to another, be sure there are no interruptions or problems


It’s frustrating to lose any form of data, whether it’s audio, video, or PDF. However, if you have data recovery software on hand to meet your demands, data restoration becomes simple.

Hence, ensure you leverage such software to restore your video files. Also, sometimes get the option of backing up your data with such software. Having the options, however, does not imply that you should delete files irresponsibly or that you should not retain a backup of your data. If not possible, you can also seek IT support in the worst case.

Hope this write-up assists you and prevents you from making other mistakes that will reduce your chances of recovering.

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