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How to Optimize WordPress Server Disk Space?

Optimize WordPress Server Disk Space

Web hosting does not come with unlimited space. Therefore when you purchase WordPress hosting, you will also need to buy a Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, etc., along with it. When you purchase a particular hosting package for your website, the most important thing is to optimize WordPress server disk space.

Navicosoft provides WordPress hosting with various website-friendly features, including automatic data backups, faster speed, automatic CMS updates, enhance security, comprehensive support, page caching, and website uptime.

Just like other digital assets, your website also occupies disk space. Your web hosting provider maintains and imposes any limitations to this storage usage. Every element of your site takes up a certain space, starting from the WordPress installation files to CSS elements and HTML code files and media content, including pictures and videos.

Initially, disk space probably won’t matter to you since your website will be small, and you will have plenty of disk space at your disposal. But as you add content, you will have to optimize WordPress server disk space. It all depends on your hosting package. The more blog posts and the media content you add to the website, the more disk space it will occupy. Therefore, it is essential to periodically analyze your current disk space usage and follow these crucial tips to help you optimize WordPress server disk space.

Remove WordPress Backups:

Is it possible that your WordPress hosting might have a plugin that makes regular backups of all your content. It means that the plugin is saving all the backup files in your hosting disk space. Your disk place is very limited and valuable; therefore, it should not be utilized to store backup files.

If there are any backups that you do want to keep, download them to a data storage device or your computer. So that if you ever need it, you can upload the file to WordPress and easily restore your website. You can even use cloud storage by moving your backups to Google Drive or Dropbox. In short, you can store your backup data anywhere outside the website’s disk space. Many plugins enable you to automate the process of moving all your backup files to a separate location.

Optimize Media Content:

If you operate a media content website, you will have a heavy sharing of content sharing. With many images, audio files, GIFs, and video files, the data can be extremely large and utilize a great deal of disk space.

For such a huge media content data, you need to install an image compressor plugin. It simply shrinks your images without hurting the image quality. You can also download an online image compressor tool from the WordPress store.

On the other hand, if you have videos on your website, you need to use a video hosting service instead of uploading them on WordPress. With so many video website services such as YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo, you just need to upload them and then embed them on your website. Now you are good to go.

Delete Unnecessary Plugins:

You might be using various plugins on your website. These plugins generate a lot of data and require disk space to store log files, folders, and more. Therefore, you need to delete all the plugins that you don’t use. Moreover, remove the duplicate plugins performing the same task and possessing the same features.

Even if you uninstall a plugin, leftover files will occupy the disk space. For that, you can delete a plugin and install a garbage collector plugin after that. It scans your disk space for any unwanted and residue files and deletes them.

Delete Junk Files:

Over time your website will store a lot of junk in the form of unimportant emails, unneeded themes, old spam comments, unused media files, pending comments, and drafts. Save your time by getting all the junk files cleared without hunting for them. For this, you will have to install a database cleaner plugin to scan unused files and remove them permanently from the website.

Abandoned Databases:

Your website may have an unused database that is abandoned b modules of WordPress. Therefore, be careful before you erase something. Make a reinforcement before you move further to optimize WordPress server disk space.

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