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How to motorize a longboard

How to choose the best electric skateboard

How to motorize a longboard. If you want to choose an electric skateboard, you need to consider and investigate a few things. You must decide your primary reason is to buy an electric skateboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s for fun, commuting, or even traveling from point A to point B. Then decide how much energy you need based on where you live or whether you want recreational electric skateboards.

In Holland, everything is very flat, so you don’t need a strong board, but if you want to take your skateboard to southern Europe on vacation, you need a little more strength to climb mountains. Below we’ll describe some tips you should consider when buying an electric skateboard.


Battery: The whole reason for the recent battery reform is that e-class skateboards have become so popular and why we are writing this article. Electric skateboards are available year after year, but due to the heavy battery, it often weighs 20-30 kg. In the last five years, lithium batteries have evolved, weight has been greatly reduced and safety has improved.

This makes the boards easy to operate and they are portable. In addition to a safer and lighter board, the battery now has more range. Due to the battery life of the board, always make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations when uploading your board. Otherwise, you later go skating on a very expensive and heavy motorized longboard.

Engines: Today’s engines are between 400-2000 watts. A 40,000-watt motor is fine for a flat area, but don’t assume you’re accelerating in the mountains either. A 2000 watt motor will be driven overall by the steep opal and give you an awesome acceleration.


The controllers have a light indicator to indicate the status of your board. For example, what percentage of the battery is charged, or is there something wrong with the board? The downside is that you still can’t see what percentage of the controller, so we suggest you charge it with the board. Another disadvantage of a controller is that it is something that you should pay attention to and require charging. We already have a dead battery several times and then your electric skateboard is just a slow and heavy longboard (he will go ahead, but it is too heavy). The downside is that you don’t know how full your battery electric skateboard is. When a wheel you have to stop and look at the index and count or an app for it.

Wheels: All boards use motorized longboard wheels. These make it possible to drive on fairly rough terrain, but they certainly don’t give you a smooth ride like a bike. Wheel Durometer or Duro you can tell us more. The lower the number, the softer and firmer the wheel (smooth ride). High numbers sometimes mean stiffer wheels and less grip (an unstable ride). Even the bigger the wheel of money, the smoother the journey. The only exception is one wheel, which has a large wheel cart that allows you to drive on rough terrain and even unprepared paths.

Chargers: Some will give your board a full charge of half an hour or less, others do about 3-5 hours here.  So if you buy UNEC, wait more than 3 hours until it is fully charged. Although they don’t have car chargers for electric skateboards yet (at least that’s what we’ve tested), you can still buy an adapter, but we and the manufacturers don’t recommend using it.

Why not just a simple longboard skateboard?

Even if the price of an electric skateboard goes down as we expected. Why don’t you buy a longboard for just 50 which weighs about 2 kg instead of 7 kg? For some people, this is a longboard with everything they need. But electric skateboards have some major advantages:

Break: Going down the hill is easy with an e-board. It takes a lot of skill to break with a motorized longboard. Also, if you are driving near people. An electric board will give you a lot more control over your speed and you will also have an emergency brake.

Traffic Tracking: If you ride a bike path or road, you can better track the flow of other bikes and vehicles with an electric skateboard.

Fast to your destination: can reach speeds of 24-35 km / h with the boosted board. A longboard 8-16 km / h.

Cooling: If you drive in hot temperatures, you will cool down with an electric skateboard instead of sweating with a longboard.

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