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How to Make Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter an Experience of a Lifetime?

Sardinia is a charming island of the Mediterranean with breathtaking views, emerald green water, and mouth-watering cuisines. It is a paradise island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just 12 miles south of the popular Corsica. However, it is three times the size of Corsica. If you want to explore the dazzling white beaches, sheltered coves and anchorage, pink granite coastline, then a Sardinia luxury yacht charter should be on your bucket list. Want to know more about this beautiful place? Read on this blog post because here, you will find everything that you should know before planning a memorable vacation to Sardinia.

4 Best Things You Shouldn’t Miss in the Stunning Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter

When it comes to the top tourist attraction in Italy, you must have heard about Rome, Venice, Sicily, or Napoli. Well, Sardinia is an Italian island located in the heart of the Mediterranean and one of the most overlooked tourist destinations. Here’s why you must visit this place and the things that you should not miss on your next vacation to the stunning Sardinia.

Ancient Sites:

If you love historical and ancient sites, Sardinia has a lot to offer you. You will find the ancient sites discovered all across the island. Some must visit some picture-perfect places like the Nuraghi, which dominate the prehistoric landscape, the giant’s tomb from the megalithic period, and the large hollowed-out rocks known as Domus de Janas. If you love ancient history, visit the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, or you can go to the Galleria Comunale d’Arte to explore modern art in cities. 

Incredible Beaches:

With 1849km coastlines, the beaches of Sardinia are majestic and most tranquil beaches in Europe. Yes, the beaches are crowded in the summer, but you can always find untouched beaches and enjoy a relaxing time, if you can access them by yacht. Sardinia is considered a great yachting destination because of its wonderful crystal-clear sea. You can also choose Costa Smeralda luxury yachts to experience the shimmering, clear turquoise water. This astonishing destination located in North Sardinia is popular for the romantically isolated fine sand beaches where you can enjoy yachting, swimming, and sunbathing.

Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter

Rich Culture and Traditions:

 Sardinia is known for its rich culture and tradition, and the traditions change from village to village. The best thing is that the ancient roots have been handed down for generations to the present day and people take pride in their culture and tradition. You can enjoy the enchanting music, and its unique sound will find a way into your soul. So, explore the hidden part of Italian culture on your visit to Sardinia. 

Delicious Cuisines:

Good food, good mood. The mood should always be good on vacation, and when you are in Italy, you don’t have to worry about the food. You can enjoy your yacht charter vacation with a slice of pizza and some good pasta in Sardinia. In addition, you must try the local cuisines of Sardinia and ou can enjoy the maialetto or roasted piglet, delicious wafers of thin, light bread, bread carasau, and other cuisines with the flavour of Sardinia’s herbs. You can either explore the restaurants or local food shops or ask your chef to prepare the food with local ingredients when you are on a luxury yacht charter.

All these things make the atmosphere of Sardinia surreal, magical, and timeless. 

Things You Should Know Before Planning for Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter 

The things to do list above might have amazed you, and you might be visualizing yourself sitting on the dreamy beaches of Sardinia. Well, we hope your dream comes true soon. So here we are listing a few things that you should know about Sardinia before planning a yacht charter to Costa Smeralda & Sardinia. It will help you plan for an unforgettable experience.

Climate & Temperature:

You will find a typical Mediterranean climate in Sardinia which is hot and dry summers from May to October. Winters are mild and fairly rainy. The average temperature in summer is 23ºC to 28ºC. However, summers in the countryside and mountains are cooler, and winters are cold. April to June is the best time to visit Sardinia, and it is one of the best summer holiday destinations. 

Italian Island:

Many people don’t know that Sardinia is a part of Italy. It is because the vibe and landscape are different from the other parts of Italy. It is an island located far from Italy, but people do speak Italian in Sardinia. However, the local language is Sardinian. Apart from it, it’s a huge island, so a few days are not enough if you want to explore it. Make a proper plan, explore the island, and you will fall in love with Sardinia. 

Lowest Population:

Sardinia is not crowded, which is one of the best things about this tourist destination. The beaches do get crowded in the summers, but you can always find unexplored beaches to relax. The island has the lowest population density in Italy. 

Local Food & Local Wine:

A yacht charter vacation is incomplete without a glass of wine. Luckily, Sardinia is known for its local wine and local cuisines. You will have an amazing wine tasting experience in Sardinia where you can enjoy the wine made of local grapes like Bovale, Cannonau, and more. So, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing experience of wine tasting and local cuisines. Sardinia offers some of the best outdoor party destinations, you can’t miss out on if you are a party lover.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Wrapping Up 

Enjoying the breathtaking view, relaxing on the beaches, and discovering Italian culture, everything sounds so exciting, right? We hope this post helps you guide for a memorable yacht charter vacation to Sardinia. Take the assistance of a yacht charter planner, pack your bags, and get ready to explore the charming destination of this stunning and amazing island.

So, are you willing to turn your yachting dream into reality? Yachting and Co can help you with the Mediterranean luxury yacht chartersWe have a speedboat and luxury yacht fleet available for charter in Sardinia, Costa Smeralda. Explore the surreal and stunning Sardinia with us!

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