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How to Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird Account – Step by Step Guide

Are you looking for a way to migrate Thunderbird emails to the Outlook application? Then read this article to know the complete process of converting emails from a Thunderbird account to an Outlook account.

If you are struggling with the problem where you want to convert your Thunderbird emails to Outlook. Then there is no need to worry about it because there are many times we are struck in the middle of a situation where we don’t know what we need to do. But there here comes Google.

Google helps us to provide the best and most relevant solution that can easily help us out with all our worries and queries within a matter of seconds.

So, if you are looking for a solution that can help you to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook then here we will discuss it.

There are multiple reasons that a user wants to migrate thunderbird emails to Outlook. But there are some main or you can say common points that a user thought of when looking for a solution to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

So first let’s discuss why users want to convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

Reasons for Converting Thunderbird Emails to Outlook Account?

If we are looking for a solution to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook accounts there are end number of reasons. Also, each user does not have the same reasons for converting Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

But in the modern world where we live made all of us a technology dependable person. To do any a single thing we needed devices (Computers and Phones). Also, to use these devices we need the internet that connects all the devices and people.

This means when we use computer operating systems we can easily install and run the Thunderbird application. Because Thunderbird can only be used on desktops, not on our mobile phones.

And on the other hand, Outlook enables us to use the application of web portals on any desktop, mobile phone, and other operating systems. That means we can use the Outlook service wherever we want without any restrictions and dependencies.

However, Thunderbird is an open-source email client that is widely used by millions of people because it enables you to use the application for both your personal and professional work.

And Outlook does provide you the freedom to use the services on any device but it restricts you in so many ways. That Outlook only supports domain IDs that means, only professional users can use Outlook for their work.

Thunderbird provides you with a wide range of features and options free of cost. But Outlook does cost you to use its services and features.

Also, there are multiple other reasons to Migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook. But it only depends on each user to user.

So whatever your reasons for exporting emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. Can read this article, because in the below sections we will discuss the best methods that can help you to export emails with easy-to-use methods and steps.

So read this article till the end, so that you will get the best and the most trusted solution for your Thunderbird to Outlook export process.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook by Using the Best Methods?

If you are looking for a better way to perform the process of exporting Thunderbird emails to your Outlook account. There are multiple manual ways to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook that were already published on the internet but. As we know that not all manual methods is working in real life.

And if you already tried all the manual methods that were already discussed in some other articles then you already know that all the manual methods that other articles described were not used to perform the process manually.

So, in the below sections, we will only provide you with the best methods that work. Additionally, we will discuss both the manual and automatic methods to perform the process.

Method 1: Manual Method to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 

If your Gmail account id is configured in your Thunderbird account then it will be a lot easier for you to export the Thunderbird emails to Outlook by using the IMAP settings.

As we know that IMAP plays a vital role in email clients and out day to day emails. IMAP is defined as Internet Messaging Access Protocol that enables us to send and receive emails through our Email clients.

By using the IMAP settings we can access our email client wherever we want. Just like here, we can enable our IMAP settings in the Gmail account which we configured in the Thunderbird account, and then configure the same account in the Outlook application to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

With this method, we can easily access our Thunderbird account data to Outlook 2019, 2016, and so on versions within a minute.

But! Manual methods do require a lot of technical skills and technical knowledge to perform the IMAP settings and account configuration. If a novice user will perform this process for the first time, then it is a higher chance that they may lose their data.

So those users who are currently not that much of technical savvy can use the below-mentioned method.

Method 2: Fast and Trusted Way to Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

To export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2019, and 2016, use the SysKare Thunderbird File Converter. With this fully automatic tool, you can easily convert bulk Thunderbird emails. Moreover, this software enables you to migrate Thunderbird emails with complete emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, and other folders that you maintained in your Thunderbird profile account can easily be migrated into your Outlook account.

With this toolkit, you can easily migrate thunderbird local folders to Outlook all versions within a few seconds. Also, this tool provides you with a free demo version. To understand the functionality of the tool and the Graphical user interface. This software is completely safe to use and download, there is no need to worry about your data safety and security. Your data is completely safe and secure throughout the migration process.

Free download this software on your system by visiting the official website of this tool. The official website provides you with complete information about this software with the features and benefits that this tool provides. You can easily know the tool by free downloading it into your system.

Method 3: Method to Import MBOX File to PST

To use this manual approach, users must set up Thunderbird to connect to their Gmail account. Consequently, users require a Gmail account in order to use this approach.


This approach has three steps, which run as follows:

Phase 1: Turn on the IMAP feature

1. Enter your Gmail login information.
2. Next, select More Settings from the list under the Setting option.
3. Go ahead and turn on IMAP by selecting the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.

Step 2: Set up Thunderbird

1. Launch Thunderbird on your computer first.
2. Second, open your Thunderbird account by entering the login information.
3. Now select the manual configuration option when selecting IMAP (remote folders).

After that, select Re-test.
1. If the supplied data is accurate, the task will be completed.
2. Click the Create a New Account button now.
3. Then use Thunderbird to confirm the Gmail account.
4. Drag and drop the MBOX file into your Gmail inbox after that.

3. Import MBOX files into Outlook using Gmail

1. Open Outlook on your computer first.
2. Now select Add account from the File menu on your computer.

3. From the dialogue box, select the manually configure server setting / extra server types option.
4. Select the Internet Email option now, then click the Next
5. Set the options up in the manner described above (configure Thunderbird)
6. Click the Test Account setting after configuring the parameters.
7. Your message setting is right, you will now see a message.
8. Click the Next button after that.

We’ve now covered manual ways to import MBOX files into Outlook and Thunderbird. We can observe that manual procedures take a long time. Data loss and human mistake are also possibilities.

These manual procedures require a technical voice, thus they are not appropriate for novice or non-technical users.

Users should utilise a Professional for a hassle-free and secure import process due to the manual method’s hard and time-consuming approach.

Frequently Asked Questions By Users

Ques1: How to Bulk Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird using Manual way?

Ans: To manually import multiple MBOX Files to Thunderbird, You have to use Import/Export Tools NG add on. In order to perform the manual technique of import MBOX files to Thunderbird account.

Ques 2: Is there any simple and easy method to perform the MBOX to Thunderbird import process?

Ans: Yes, there is a simple and easy way to import the MBOX files to Thunderbird account by using the fully automatic software solution. That is we already described in this article. You can use the method for your MBOX to Thunderbird process.

Ques 3: Is there any limitations that we will face in the MBOX to Thunderbird process using the manual method?

Ans: The genuine answer of this query is No. But there some cases that the Thunderbird Add-on that is Import/ExportToolsNG didn’t work well with the Thunderbird versions. And there are some limitations that a user will face after using the manual method. Like There imported MBOX files didn’t contains Email body, Attachments were missing, file structure and folder hierarchy alteration, and many more.

Ques 4: Which method is best to import MBOX to Thunderbird With Attachments?

Ans: My honest answer on this statement is, Using an fully automatic software solution. Because manual method doesn’t guarantee your data security and safety. It is solely depends on a user’s technical skills and knowledge how safely they use the manual method to import the MBOX files to Thunderbird. Because in the import process there were lot of phishing attacks were taken by data breachers. So, for a safer method, I highly recommend you to  use fully automatic software solution for the import MBOX to Thunderbird process.

Ques 5: Can I Convert my MBOX Files without warring about file size to Thunderbird account?

Ans: Yes, this tool supports all MBOX file size folder to import into Thunderbird account. You can use this toolkit, for your large size MBOX files to Thunderbird account within a few seconds.

Ques 6: How many operating systems this MBOX to Thunderbird converter tool supports?

Ans: This MBOX to Thunderbird converter supports Mac machine and Windows as well. So there is no need to worry that which OS you are currently using. You can directly free download the demo version of this utility in your presently working OS and start the import MBOX to Thunderbird process.

Ques 7:  How to Import Google Takeout MBOX file to Thunderbird Account? 

Ans: To import Google Takeout MBOX to Thunderbird, there are two solutions are available to use. The one is to use manual that is Import/ExportTools NG and the second one is to use an fully automatic software solution that is a MBOX to Thunderbird converter. Both the methos are equally for user to opt. But there are multiple limitations in the manual method that a user will consider before choosing the manual method. And on the other hand, Fully automatic method doesn’t restrict any single user in the whole MBOX to Thunderbird process.

Free MBOX to Thunderbird Demo Version 

If you want to test the fully automatic software solution method. Then you can free download the demo version of the above provided method. By using the free demo version, you can easily import MBOX to Thunderbird in bulk with complete attachments. Also, this toolkit provides you some of the most unique features and advance settings that no other tool can provide you. So without any further wait, use the free demo version of this utility and start the process of importing bulk MBOX files to Thunderbird application without any hassle.


This article discussed the best and highly recommended solution to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook. Here, we described both the manual and automatic solution for the process of Thunderbird emails to Outlook. You can choose any of the methods based on your requirements and needs.

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