How to Grow an Accounting Firm: Top 5 Accounting Firm Growth Strategy

The increase in the rate of accounting firms across the globe intensifies the need for proper planning among startup accounting firms and certified public accountants (CPAs). This boom in the accounting industry is because of the increase of available companies. Wealth-conscious individuals begin to see the need to secure their finances. This includes creating safer channels for wealth increase and management. Below we are going to discuss how to grow an accounting firm.

Taking a step further with becoming a registered investment advisor (RIA) is the beginning of your accounting career, but staying in the spotlight is the greater goal.

Accounting firms face many challenges like; gaining new clients and growing a successful accounting practice.
Starting an accounting firm is a perfect solution to reaching the increasing demand for accountants in the public space. But, developing a working marketing plan to scale your accounting firm is usually where the problem lies.

It is the goal of every registered investor handling wealth management services to beat their competitors and gain a significant amount of authority around their niche.

No growing CPA will want to remain in the shadows. Massive growth and gaining market relevance is the dream of every financial investor advisor.

This article is carefully curated to provide you with easy strategies on how to grow an Accounting counting firm.

Top 5 Accounting Firm Growth Strategy

To develop a workable accounting firm growth strategy, you must understand how successful accounting (CPA) firms scale their firms.

Here are the top 5 assured accounting firm growth strategies.

1. Start a marketing plan

A marketing plan is a detailed strategic layout of objectives and advertising goals with laid out strategies for reaching them.

Before setting up a marketing plan for your accounting firm, you must understand your audience and how to reach out to them.

There are easy marketing plans for accounting firms that you can choose from.

Some successful marketing plans for accounting firms include;

  • Digital marketing which includes social media marketing and cross-platform marketing. 
  • Brand marketing 
  • Campaigns
  • Email marketing 

Understanding how to grow an accounting firm begins with understanding the advertising strategy that will fit your firm and keep it on the lips of the audience.

You can combine multiple marketing options to create a strategy that meets your demand. The essence should be engaging your audience, selling your brand, and winning their trust.

2. Network with your clients

Client engagement and communication are some of the best ways of building loyalty. Most successful accounting firms build their accounting legacy by developing client relationships. More gigs and new clients are invited to your accounting firm by referrals from existing clients.

3. Introduce value-added services

More clients will find their way to your accounting firm when they discover that you offer unique services that distinguish your expertise from your competitors.

Clients are faced with many financial challenges, and they will stick to the accounting firm that can develop an enriched personalized strategy to match their business model.

Your value-added services must cut across different wealth management services like financial planning, investment advisory, estate planning, and life insurance.

4. Partnership

Collaborations can be seen as one of the powerful things that matters a lot in learning how to grow an accounting firm.

It is bad to see your competitors as rivals. As a rising RIA, you need more friends than enemies in the field.

The spirit of partnership should spread from the internal component of your firm before extending its reach to other firms.

While partnering with other firms, you must look out for areas you could offer solutions to their clients.
This extends your reach across borders and makes you a go-to source for support and guidance.

5. Be Visible

Clients trust businesses that are approachable and reachable. You can make your physical presence a sales point by strategically appearing in events.

Select events that have a larger gathering of your target audience. Strike a conversation with some attendees. Make your conversation less formal, but more interactive. You will want them to trust you like a friend and not a boss.

Offer them free consultations on some issues and allow them to visit your accounting firm when the need arises.
You will be surprised at how many clients you will win for your accounting firm through such interactions.


Understanding how to grow an accounting firm shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a die-hard methodology to foster monopoly in the accounting industry. Instead, it should be view as creating the best strategy that will help you grow a successful accounting practice, generate leads, and convert your audience to clients.

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