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How to fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

If you are using are utilizing a HP Printer that prints blank pages despite the fact that you have ink in the cartridges, that implies it’s an issue with printer equipment or with the product.

Before you go to any specialist you should know is printing blank pages is an equipment or a product issue. Since, supposing that it’s a product issue then you can fix it without help from anyone else by following these investigating steps. Nonetheless, in the event that it’s an equipment issue, you may need to call a professional to fix it.

Printing devices are one of the most important inventions since they have not only made printing easier but also saved time. Although numerous companies now offer printing equipment to users, HP printers remain the most popular.

And though there is no doubt that HP printers provide users with some of the best services available, a few consumers have recently claimed technical troubles with the printer.

As with any wonderful things, there is a potential that users will have problems with HP printers due to minor faults such as the HP Printer Printing Blank Pages.

Many consumers are curious as to why their HP printer is creating blank pages. So, to give them a better notion, below are some of the most typical causes of this problem.

·         Clogged nozzles

·         Ink cartridges were empty

·         Incorrect paper size

·         Printer drivers were not installed properly

·         Issues with cartridge installation

Steps to Fix HP Printer printing blank pages issue:

1. Leave the Blank Page Alone Included in the Document:

        To begin, the user must press the Window button and navigate to the Settings page.

·         Select the connected printer from the printers and scanners part of the devices section.

·         Next, select Manage and then Printing Preferences to skip the document’s blank page.

·         Press the Home button present on the HP printer and select the Setup option.

·          Next, go to the maintenance menu and choose the check print head nozzle option

·         The printer will next begin the verification process by printing a document.

·         If the user notices any gaps or lines, they can choose to clean the print head to fix the problem.

2. Update Printer Driver:

As a result, the user should update the driver to remedy this issue as soon as possible.

        Go to the official HP printer page and look for the HP printer model you’re using right now.

        Next, go to the model’s page and look for the drivers, then click Download.

        Once the printer driver has been downloaded, the user can check to see if the problem has been resolved.

3. Check for the Clogged Nozzles:

For those who are wondering why my HP printer is printing blank pages. 

        There’s a chance that the cartridge’s ink level is low.

        Another possibility is that the print head’s protective tape was not removed during the installation process.

4. Run Troubleshoot for Printer:

·         Launch the Setting section on the device and select the update and security option.

·         Then, run a troubleshooter and check if the issue is resolved.

5. Restart the Printer:

Restarting the printer is one of the simplest solutions to handle HP printer printing blank pages.

        Press and hold the printer’s power button until it shuts down, then disconnect the power cord and wait for at least three minutes.

        After that, reconnect the printer’s cords and turn it on to see if the problem has been resolved.



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