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How to Find De-Addiction Center in Jaipur

Millions of Indians, once addicted to drugs, are now looking for ways to stay calm, and this is just an idea that is in the hands of drug de-addiction center in Jaipur to materialize. In fact, we have a distorted view of drug addicts, which holds up our compassion for them. According to a recent report by Times Now, the cases of drug abuse in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur have increased by 40%. And to bring this figure down to zero, we have to provide a better environment for the addicts where they can feel comfortable and take steps towards betterment.

But you may have gone to rehab and, after some time again, got caught in the addiction. It is not right to blame the rehab center. But most of the drug de-addiction centers in Jaipur are based on the old treatment methods.

A recent fact suggests that only 10 out of 24 million adults who suffer from addiction get treatment. This figure is so low as most of them did not choose the right de-addiction centers and went for addiction again as soon as they got sober.

Jain Neuropsychiatry is the finest de-addiction center in Jaipur. Here, modern psychologist uses the latest concepts to insulate people from drug addiction.

Here Dr Sanjay Jain treats addicts with Alcohol, Weed, Cannabis, L.S.D., Marijuana, Smack, Doda Post, Diluter, etc.

Dr. Sanjay Jain, Director of Jain Neuropsychiatry, is a well-known psychologist serving as a specialist in Jaipur for many years.

It is essential to choose a suitable drug de-addiction center if you want permanent drug recovery.

Include these 7 tips in your research to reach an effective drug de-addiction center in Jaipur.

7 Things to Do Before You Go to a Rehab Centre

There are some general aspects to look for in a better de-addiction center, and there are many things to keep in mind as well. These suggestions are from the general knowledge of people who have worked in the field of de-addiction for a long time.

Know Your Treatment Needs

Substance Use Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses| de-addiction center in jaipur

Before entering treatment, you should make sure what type of treatment you want. Often drug abuse also brings mental stress, so first, consult about your mental health. If addiction has affected your mental health significantly, then choose a rehabilitation center that also addresses the issue of addictive psychosis.

Check Staff Credentials

Knowing the credentials of the treatment and staff will give you an idea of the center’s environment. The simple way to learn about this is by gathering experience from former members and employees. Also, make sure that the doctor is certified for addiction recovery.

Set a Meeting with Therapist

It is important to see a doctor before rehab, so don’t ignore it. You should be familiar with the diagnostic methods of the doctor before starting treatment. The doctor’s statement should be extensive. If he only discusses a formal diagnosis, ignore it.

It would help if you preferred a licensed addiction counselor who gives you individual time because one treatment method is not for everyone, so take it seriously.

Choose a Center with Multiple Treatment Options

If you have shortlisted the de-addiction center in Jaipur by now, check that they have a multi-pronged treatment option. In fact, a good therapist prepares a complete diagnosis plan based on the patient’s psyche. So the center should have a list of many programs. Also, confirm the various modern treatment methods in the center. Be sure to verify these methods.

  • Community Reinforcement
  • C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Family Training and Support

Look for a Massive Success Rate

Check the Deaddiction center’s website. Is there any recovery rate?. Often centers with high success rates will mention that percentage somewhere on their web page. The recovery rate of any drug de-addiction center should be more than 85%. This should be its selection criterion.

Is the Centre Verified?

Rehab centers verified by the government or any institution are often more reliable. Going through web reviews and meeting people who have been part of the program will give you an unbiased idea about the center.

Is It a Legal Centre?

India has a large number of illegal de-addiction centers. To avoid the trap of illegal recovery, the Government of India has given some crucial guidelines for the centers, which are as follows.

  • Patient dispensing staff must be trained
  • A skilled counsellor to give perceptive advice and directions to the addict
  • Trained psychologist who examines psychopaths
  • An MBBS doctor

Jain Neurosychiatrist de-addiction Center in Jaipur

Jain Neuropsychiatry and De-addiction Clinic, Multi-Speciality Clinic in Gopalpura, Jaipur | Dr. Sanjay Jain
Jain neuropsychiatrist is a thoroughly modern de-addiction center that is run by experience psychologists. Here, all types of mental diseases and drug disorders are cured. The hospital has comfortable patient rooms, trained staff, and a huge hall for common meetings.

Along with this, they organize sports activities every day to keep the patients busy, making them physically healthy.

To maintain the patients’ morale, they are involved in social work and every weekend patient is free to meet with the family members.

If you are tired of substance addiction and looking for a solution, then Jain Neurosychiatrist in Jaipur will give you the lasting and best de-addiction treatment experience.

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