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How to ensure effective air conditioning of your car?

The car’s air condition has been ranked as the best invention in the industry. However, many of the major questions asked by many are how to attain the highest cooling capacity of the air conditioner. 

The cooling of the AC not just depends on its maintenance but also on your habits daily. 

Let’s address some commonly asked questions related to air conditioners:

How could the AC of the car become cooler?

A few guidelines need to be followed to ensure that the AC runs efficiently and properly. There could be various reasons that affect the cooling of your car’s AC. Starting from the area where your car has been parked to how well the AC components have been taken care of. 

Parking your car under a shade

This has been the most effective method to ensure proper car cooling, especially during the summer months. The car would not be heated by the sun under the shade even when you are not in the car. If you do not park your car in the shade, the sun will heat your vehicle, making you wait until the car’s temperature goes down. This way, you would end up wasting your fuel and time. The paint of the car is also protected under the shade. 

Lower the windows

Roll your windows down to let some fresh air get circulated in the car. This lowers the greenhouse effect, which could raise the temperature of your vehicle. Sunshades could also be a good alternative to block the sun from coming into your car.

Proper ventilation in the car

Your car’s cabin should be ventilated properly in case you left your car under the sun for long. In this way, the hot air finds a way to exit the car making the inside space more comfortable.

  • What is the quickest technique to reduce the temperature of a hot vehicle?

Ventilation of the car could help cool it down significantly. If you wish to speed up this process, you could blow out the hot air. Roll the driver’s window down and use the passenger door as a fan to blow the air out. You could also pull the rear side windows down to make the hot air exit. If your car has a sunroof, then that also happens to be a great exit route for the hot air as it rises. Next, you switch the AC of the car on. To be able to cool your car down faster, follow the below steps:

Pumping the hot air out

Before sitting in the car, the car should be ventilated by rolling the windows down and letting the hot air flow out. 

Pumping more of the hot air towards the outside

Commence driving the car slowly and gradually let the hot air move out through the windows. Open all the windows and ensure proper ventilation. 

Make the process slow and gradual

Keep the speed of the AC towards the minimum, which would lead to more cooling. If the speed of the blower is at its maximum, then the air conditioner would force the system to derive air from within the cabin. This would require the AC to work very hard to bring the temperature of the cabin down. Hence, it is imperative to start at the lowest speed.

Put the mode for recirculating air

Once you switch the AC on, turn the recirculating mode on. This ensures that the air from the outside would no longer come in, and the air inside would move around in the car. This enables cooling the car without extra effort.

Shut the AC down completely

Once your destination has come, switch the AC off completely before the engine is turned off. The fan could be left running for some time. This would dry the surroundings and the evaporator.

  • Is it correct to start the car with the AC being on?

This depends on the type of car you are driving. If the car has an HVAC motor-equipped blower, then the ignition could get damaged. 

In addition to this, basic care of your car is essential:

  1. Clean or change the filter: The clogged filter must be cleaned to ensure effective cooling and performance. 
  2. Using the AC each day: Switch your AC every week for at least 10 to 15 minutes, ensuring the vents are functioning well.
  3. Inspect the refrigerant level: This should be done when your car is being serviced to increase the cooling and performance levels.
  4. Regular AC servicing: If not serviced regularly, you may spend more money repairing it later.

Hence, to enjoy a smooth drive while being comfortable and tension-free, you would need to ensure timely car repair LoughboroughThe entire car servicing and repair, including the air conditioner, is important to gain long-term benefits.

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