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How to Design and Plan Floor Designs for a New Home

Every homeowner dreams to enjoy a place of their own choice that resembles their dream house and conveys their personality to the outer world through its comfort and style; however, designing a home includes floor planning which plays a crucial role in the visuals of the house. It identifies the space and the relationship between the rooms to demonstrate the interior of the place further. Any real estate, interior design, architecture, home building, or office building is impossible to conduct without a floor plan.

If you’re looking to understand how to design and plan floor designs for the new home, you’ve landed at the right place. The following details will help you precisely construct your dream house with or without the help of Home Renovation Dubai companies. 

Design A Floor Brief

Homebuilding is a challenging phase; hence needs to be done carefully. Before moving towards the floor plan and design, you must critically analyze your needs and design a floor briefly. A floor brief is essential to convey your requirements and expectations before reaching Home Renovation Dubai and helps you obtain the correct fee proposal. A point to be noted here is that the process of floor brief evaluates with time. Fill in the accurate room space, including the layout of the rooms. Is it essential to ask yourself why you’re building your own space instead of directly purchasing and what your needs are? 

At this step, you need to decide whether you’ll have an open kitchen or you are more comfortable spending some time while cooking meals. A floor brief will also include the theme you wish you have in your home. Your floor brief will also include the heading and energy strategy, including your budget because this will serve the purpose of the base in upcoming stages. Make sure to set the budget as accurately as possible. 

Design And Plan Floor Designs Through Sketches

In this step, you’ll design the floor of your dream home through sketches to convey your expectations. You’ll be arranging the significant aspects of your house such as rooms, kitchen, bathing, and if it will be a single unit or double story house. The good idea is to jot down the significant spaces such as entry and exit (you can have two of them), kitchen (maybe have a dirty kitchen separately to do the mess), dining, stairs (in case you go for a double story house), rooms (the sizes and location including their entrance), garage, study or library, store, etc. if you wish to have a more formal design instead of hand-drawn there are plenty of software that can help you such as SketchUp. This free software enables you to move within to have a better understanding if you’re working in the right direction or not. 

Don’t finalize your plan in a single shot; move around the places and create a different layout to avoid making a mess with your home floor design. If you’re designing for more than one floor, it’s recommended to finalize the ground floor design before moving towards the stairs and the upper floors. 

Plan The Detailings

After completing the overall layout, it’s time to decide the essential details of the house. Now you’ll choose the shapes and sizes of the spaces at this step. Start by placing the kitchen counter and cabinets. Carefully decide the style of the size and type of the countertop, including the furniture you plan to fit in. You may roughly draw or illustrate the furniture at this stage to get the final estimate of your home floor design look. Keep in mind that this is the last stage of floor design and planning; hence you need to consider making your place safe if you’re planning a little one soon. 

Take Away

Remember, your home is where your family is; hence do the floor planning. Keep in mind not only yours but their needs also. The ideal way to move forward with Home renovation in Dubai is by involving your family throughout the process. In this way, you will not only enjoy their opinions, but they’ll feel more connected with the design and the home eventually. We hope this article will help you design your floor plan more accurately. Best of luck! 


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