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How to Create a Sacred Corner in Your Home

Whether you want to offer prayers to your God, meditate, dream, explore, think, or process, you need a safe space. This space should have every respective item to facilitate you in what you do such as offering prayers to your God. You are at the right place. Keep reading this write-up from the beginning Religious Painting to the end. 

Create a boundary 

Creating a boundary is essential for you if you want not to get disturbed or have any interruptions in your privacy. Lock yourself in your bedroom or living room for 3-5 minutes if you need complete privacy and calm to heal yourself. In the locking period, offer prayers to your God, do deep breathing, or meditate. Do this whenever you need it in a day. It will enhance your focus & concentration and fill you with new positive energies.

Hang a relevant item to your bedroom/living space

Whether you want to meditate, dream, or offer prayers, you need something specific that could facilitate you. For example, you want to follow the rituals of your religious belief and offer prayers to your God. You should think of hanging the religious paintings that contain an image of your God such as Lord Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Allah, Guru Gobind Singh, Mahatma Buddha, etc. For the creation of a complete spiritual corner, you can opt for hanging a set of framed paintings that convey your religious faith.

Use or burn something that smells delightful 

For being focused or staying concentrated, you need to be happy and cheerful from your inside. Using essential oils or burning candles can help you a lot to enhance your concentration/focus. Essential oils such as jasmine, cinnamon, and patchouli and scented candles/incense sticks help you create the vibe that you want. After their use, you will get what you want while offering your prayers or doing meditation/deep breathing.   

Turn off the noise 

Whether you are studying/thinking on a topic, meditating, or offering prayers, you get distracted by the noise coming from different sources in your home. The sources could be social media notifications, emails, news on television channels/websites, and incoming calls on your phone. You need to keep all of them switched off for a particular period, from your entry to exit. Keep your smartphone/tv/radio and other gadgets in the silent mode until you stop your meditation, study, or prayer.     

Optimize the space

Whether you select your bedroom or living room to turn into a sacred corner, you need to organize it, as a cluttered space could be a distraction for you. Suppose that you want to convert a corner of your living room into a sacred corner. In that corner, you should never put unnecessary things or the items that don’t belong to your specific purpose such as meditation. Ensure everything in that room, including the sacred space, has only relevant items. 

Play or create enchanting sounds    

Every religion has its specific songs, sounds, or mantras that make people be calm and feel peace and relaxation. As per Hindu mythology, some people love listening to Gayatri Mantra, OM, and allied songs. In the Christian world, people love singing or listening to several songs dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ or Christmas. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, or Boddh, it is sure you have your own list of songs dedicated to your God for Religious Painting. Get into the selected room/space in your home and play one of the best enchanting sounds there.

Let you feel the sacredness

The best you can do for the creation of a sacred corner in your home is letting you feel the essence of what you have done and what you want to do. Your feelings let you get into what you actually are or want to be. Avoiding your feelings can let you avoid your comprehension and the opportunities to evolve and expand. 

Open the space 

Opening the space doesn’t mean the opening of the doors and windows of your home. Here it means open the space for fetching positive energies and taking the bad one away from your home. And for this, you can light candles or state an intention for what you want in your sacred space. You can hang a do not disturb notice board on the door or place a bowl of water on the altar you have in a room of your house.


Creating a sacred space depends on what your purpose is and what you want to have there. For instance, you can place spiritual images, Religious Painting, photos, statues, or murals if you want to have a sacred space for offering prayers to your God. You can follow the steps mentioned above or go with the one that suits you most.  

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