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How To Contact Instagram In 2021

How to contact Instagram? In this article, we will see how to contact Instagram by phone through the web or by phone. We will also discover together all the ways that exist to get in touch with Instagram. You are having a lot of problems with your Instagram account and you would like to be able to point out who is managing the situation on the Instagram platform but you don’t know of any way to achieve it.

It has happened to you to find in the social network contents that violate your copyright or contain confidential information about you that should not be published, but you do not know how to report it to who manages Instagram. Don’t worry; we are going to discover together how to get out of these situations.

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Contact Instagram to report technical problems

First of all, we are going to see the first ipotesi together. We are going to see how to contact Instagram to point out technical problems that have arisen during the use of the application.

Access the official Instagram application that you have installed on your Android or iPhone mobile phone. Click on the icon you use to enter your personal profile and select the settings button.

From there you can choose the section dedicated to Report a problem. As an alternative, you can also choose the Send a comment option in order to send a generic comment to the application, without necessarily being related to the technical problem.

In conclusion, you write a brief generic comment to explain the problem that occurs to you in the Instagram application, or you can also write a comment with tips to improve the use of the app. Click on the more if you want to include a screenshot and click on the ” ✓ ” icon that will appear on the top right to send your report.

At the moment thousands, or rather millions, of users write every day to the Instagram Staff that deals with complaints, reports, and much more. For this reason, the Instagram team can surely not answer everyone and immediately.

How to contact Instagram to report inappropriate and offensive content

Have you just found a photo or video that in your opinion violates the rules of Instagram? Have you found a profile that uses content you own without your permission or uses your name and photos to create another profile? They have left you an offensive comment and therefore do you want to get in touch with Instagram?


To point out content such as photos or videos, first of all, open the Instagram application on your smartphone, view the photo or content that you want to report to the Staff of the social network, and press the button with the three dots that is found in the upper right.

Select the option Signal from the window that will open and report if the content is Spam or is not appropriate for Instagram users. Now you follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to finalize the report. In the event that the content is not appropriate, you can also indicate the motivation for which you are pointing to the photo or video.

Recover Your Account

We are going to see now another motivation that you would have to contact Instagram and also quite urgently. Do you want to be able to contact Instagram customer service because you do not remember the details to start your account or because cybercriminals have stolen your account?

As I have already explained to you before in this article, there is no way to get in touch with Instagram and talk to someone responsible for the social network. But don’t worry because Instagram offers you automatic tools that will help you recover your account quite quickly and easily. Let’s see what happens if you don’t remember your password. Instagram will allow you to retrieve it through the app on your mobile. The social network will allow you to recover your password by sending an email to the email address associated with your account or a text message to your phone number.


To do this, access Instagram from the application, and in the start form click on the option You have forgotten your password. You will enter a menu where you can choose between sending you a code to recover the account by mail or phone number. So you will receive a six-digit code, enter that code in the corresponding boxes and an option will appear that says change password.

Contact Instagram by phone or mail

As I have already explained to you, there are many problems that may arise with the use of the most famous platform in the world for how to contact Instagram by phone. In addition to being able to use the official application to contact the social network, Instagram makes available to users a telephone number or an email address that you can contact. How to contact Instagram by phone? In order for them to answer you, it is advisable to do it in English and explain in detail what happened or what you need. In addition, you can also do it through @Instagram on the Twitter platform and it is usually more effective than calling by phone or writing an email that will take time to answer.

The Instagram phone number is +1 650 543 480 0 for how to contact Instagram by phone.

Always remember that this is a contact option but it is not the best. In fact, in this article, I have already taught you that there are more specific and recommended routes through the official downloadable application on your Android and iOS mobile phone or through the platform’s website.



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