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How scan and go payment are revolutionising the checkout process?

Remember the last time when you went shopping? You probably stood in the long lines of checkout counters. Retail checkout is a tiresome thing, but thanks to computerization, we can expect a drastic change in the checkout in the form of a scan and go payment solution which will facilitate a seamless checkout.

The rapid shift to scan and go technology has helped retailers a lot to improve the checkout experience for the customers. Brands are now launching innovative tech-driven solutions to give a tough competition to the brick-and-mortar stores, where the bulk of their consumers’ used to go.

The scan and go system eliminates every single hurdle faced by retail stores that hinders them to offer a rich shopping experience to their customers. Apart from this, scan & go technology is transforming the shopping experience across the world with its cutting-edge features.

In this blog, we will discuss with you the challenges of a traditional checkout system and also show you how an advanced scan and go payment solution can help you resolve these challenges. So, let’s start quickly.

Challenges of traditional checkout systems

Customers who pay in cash can hand a cashier a collection of currency in almost any condition. Many retailers try to remove every fold or crease in the cash. Sometimes a checkout machine simply won’t accept a particular bill, leading to more loss of time while a store associate replaces the bill. There are a few more limitations of conventional checkout systems which are as follows:

1. Longer lines

Waiting time is the most crucial drawback of traditional checkout systems. In today’s super-fast era, nobody wants to waste their time standing in long lines.

Furthermore, these longer queues occupy a lot of space during peak hours, which causes congestion that restricts the consumer to enter the store. All these factors ruin the shopping experience of a consumer.

2. Pandemic threats

The need to avoid direct contact has created distinct challenges for the retailers who are using the traditional checkout counters. And the long lines of customers at the billing counter make it hard to maintain social distancing.

Besides this, the traditional checkout and billing process comprises a lot of physical touch points that can increase the possibility of virus transmission from one shopper to another.

3. Errors in billing

Billing errors are inevitable while using a traditional checkout method. Incorrect bill totalling, dual entries of the same thing, error in scanning products, etc. are some of the human errors that can occur at a retail store. These time-consuming human errors can spoil the shopping experience of customers.

4. Old-fashioned payment methods

Customer expectations and payment technology are transforming, and with this comes the need for flexibility in payments. And traditional checkout systems heavily depend on cash and lack the latest payment gateway integration.

Moreover, traditional payment systems are costlier and can limit your ability to migrate to a different financial institution, add extra features or access reduced financial institution costs.

Transactions are conducted via a mobile device or with an automatic in-store payment system can help the retailers to cope up with the above mentioned challenges. It will speed up the checkout process by enabling customers to use their mobile phones to scan items, add them to a virtual cart, pay digitally, and then just walk out of the store.

Make your checkout process seamless with a scan and go solution

Scan and Go payment solutions give full control to customers over their buying process from the store shelf to the home. For a seamless shopping experience, many self-checkout payment solutions offer multiple options such as credit card, debit card and mobile wallet integrated into a scan and go solution.

scan and go payments

And since scan and go solutions are drastically replacing cashiers, the technology can significantly improve staff efficiency and free up employees for other important activities. With scan and go solutions are on the tremendous rise, let’s have a look at some of how the technology is implemented:

1. Its faster

Customers are looking for a frictionless checkout for a long time at stores. And scan & go technology has provided this enhanced shopping experience by removing all the points of friction.

The ultimate speed of a scan and go solution is eliminating the traditional checkout process entirely. A scan & go solution has created more space in the store by eliminating the touch points for shopping. With this extra space, one can design retail stores in such a way that it will attract customers.

In this way, scan and go solutions offer a quicker checkout process that allows people with minimal items to bypass the long lines.

2. Improves footfall conversions

Traditional brick and mortar stores often find it difficult to increase walk-ins in your retail store. After all, more visitors lead to more opportunities to drive sales, which means a higher bottom line and a more profitable business. But the question is how to drive footfall to your retail location?

The answer to this question lies in the adoption of scan and go solutions in the retail stores. Scan & Go payment solution allows the customer to purchase anything by scanning the code over it. This ease and speed offered by a scan and go payment solution can drastically increase footfall conversions.

3. Highly efficient solution for retailers

A great efficiency is integral for the growth of any business and the same applies to retail stores as well. Waiting times are virtually non-existent in case of a scan and go payment solution. Now, retailers can serve their customers through large self-serve touch screen kiosks near their traditional checkout lines.

Furthermore, retailers can effectively use the scan and go solutions to streamline their ordering and payment process. Because scan and go solutions allow customers to enter their orders and payments themselves. In this way a scan and go payment solution will boost the retailer’s efficiency.

4. Operations become easier for staff

You do not need a large workforce when you are using a scan and go payment solution. You just require one person to monitor the entrance and another one to manage your store’s exit gate.

With a scan and go solution, cashiers at the counters are no longer needed. Because of which you can deploy your existing cashiers to other operations within the store.


Today, the concept of a cashier-less store is taking off as a potential alternative to self-checkout stores. And this has become possible thanks to the tech-savvy scan and go payment solutions. Along with this, the advancements in computer vision, machine learning, and cheaper sensors is going to fuel up the checkout process in the future.

Retailers are harnessing the power of autonomous checkouts to meet the customers’ demand for a frictionless checkout experience and bring an end to long lines. Furthermore, the scan and go technology has the potential to improve retail efficiency and boost profit margins.

So, what are you waiting for? Just make a scan and go solution for your business today and start growing your profits. You can reach us to develop a successful scan and go solution for your business today. Thanks for reading this blog.

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