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How Physical Therapy can help Relieve Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain develops when the brain interprets a variety of signals from the body to determine that the person’s well-being is in jeopardy. This may and often does develop in the absence of any bodily tissue injury and beyond the typical period for tissue repair.

Physical therapy, sometimes known as PT, is a medical specialty that finds, diagnoses, and treats movement disorders. Physical therapists at the Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey assess patients before collaborating with them to create tailored treatment programs that aim to restore function and mobility, decrease pain, and enhance the quality of life. Many treatment programs by Physiotherapy Clinic include activities for patients to do at home, such as strengthening and stretching. Physical therapy’s purpose is to treat the source of pain or mobility restrictions, not just the symptoms, in order to provide long-term relief.

Let’s take a look at what to anticipate from physical therapy and, more significantly, how you can get help with chronic pain at Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey, Canada.

Ways Physiotherapist Help People in Chronic Pain

Getting rid of the pain

Physical therapy may assist in retraining the brain away from pain by gradually increasing exercise and mobility. The brain is trained that each action does not have to produce pain if it is done gently and without generating a flare. In reaction to these motions, pain signals may be decreased or even eliminated.

Ice or Heat

PTs often utilize modalities like heat and cold to assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, these therapies have not been proven helpful in chronic pain sufferers to a great extent, although they are often utilized as adjunct treatments during physical therapy sessions.

Increasing your physical strength

Physical therapy from Expert Physiotherapist helps you strengthen your muscles and make your body more flexible, which reduces discomfort and improves your overall fitness. Even with chronic pain situations like osteoarthritis, when the joint is worn down, having stronger muscles surrounding that joint may help to relieve pain and provide more significant support to the worn joint.

Taking on fear aversion

Many people with chronic pain avoid exercise and movement because they are afraid of aggravating their pain or because they believe they are incapable of doing so. Inactivity may, unsurprisingly, be exacerbated by fatigue. However, approaching experts from a Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Cloverdale Surrey may help to recondition the body while also lowering discomfort. In addition, patients may learn that they don’t have to be afraid of movement, which will give them the courage to participate in physical exercise!


Dry needling is a relatively recent procedure that some physical therapists use to reduce unpleasant muscular knots and trigger points. This therapy includes piercing muscle tissue and knots with tiny needles (such as acupuncture needles) to relieve pain. Many Physiotherapy Clinic are currently using this technique to relieve chronic pain in patients.

Stress reduction

Physical therapy equips you with the knowledge and confidence to exercise on a regular basis. According to research, exercise decreases stress levels by lowering cortisol levels in the circulation, often known as the stress hormone. By interrupting the stress and pain cycle, lowering stress helps to reduce pain.

Increasing your range of motion

When joints are idle for an extended length of time, they can stiffen and lose range of motion. This indicates you’re less flexible and find it difficult to make specific moves. This range of motion may be recovered with physical treatment.

Educating you in the science of pain

Pain education, which is often included in physical therapy, may help patients build confidence in moving despite their pain by teaching them that persistent pain does not imply harm.

Increasing self-assurance

Your confidence in your skills might improve as you learn to exercise and not be afraid of movement. In addition, getting therapy from Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey may help you regain control of your body and condition, allowing you to operate at a higher level and restoring your quality of life.

Working With Physical Therapists: An Approach to Reducing your Chronic Pain?

Physical therapy is accessible in various venues, including hospitals, private offices, pain clinics, and outpatient programs, and is performed by certified physical therapists. These days, many Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey have been established. In addition, virtual appointments are becoming more common among physical therapists.

Typically, you will see your physical therapist (PT) regularly, possibly once a week, depending on your agreement. Your PT will ask you about your symptoms during your initial appointment. You may be asked several questions concerning your discomfort, and you will almost certainly have to undergo a physical examination.

You may be asked to do particular motions, or your PT may apply pressure to some areas of your body during the physical examination. If you’re concerned about your discomfort or believe it’s becoming worse, ask questions and speak with your therapist so they can reassure you.

Following that, your PT will lead you through different physical exercises and therapies in line with your treatment plan when you come in for sessions. Your physical therapist will typically offer you exercises to complete at home. such as homework, that you may do in between appointments to help you grow on your own schedule. In your next session, you’ll continue to build on your progress.

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