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How Much Money Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Numerous products in the market promise an increase in hair volume, or they will help regain the growth of your hair. But the ineffective results will leave you disappointed.

The best that you can do for your hair to increase growth and reduce thickness is a hair transplant. But the uncertainty of the expenditure can pull you back.

When it comes to hair transplants, there are multiple things you need to consider while calculating the cost. Not only the surgery but the recovery also can come with various price factors. Different costs hit the final expense in different ways. You should ask about the hair transplant cost in Pune while getting treated in that city.


The expenditure on hair transplants varies. It can typically start from $4000 up to $15000. This high expenditure can drain out your bank account quickly because insurance companies consider hair transplants to be a cosmetic procedure and do not cover them.

The cost can look different from numerous perspectives, including:


The living cost of the area you live in and the availability of the surgeons providing this kind of procedure can strike their charges.

Chosen Procedure:

Hair transplant has two different types:

  1. i) The follicular unit transplantation or FUT.
  2. ii) The follicular unit extraction or FUE.

Each of these costs definitely


The more experienced and renowned surgeons charge more. But not all the time. Higher rates equal higher performance. So do the necessary research.

The Quantity:

Wanting an entire scalp full of hair will cost you significantly different from wanting a few patches here and there.

Travel Costs:

Though it’s not a medical cost but a cost that should be considered, for best surgeons, sometimes you need to travel long distances. So definitely calculate the travel expenses alongside the lodging expenses.


In this procedure, there is a high potential for significant recovery costs.

Which are:

  • Pain medications that you need after immediate surgery.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • To significantly cut down the chances of infection, you need antibiotics

It is widespread to get a kind of infection after these surgical procedures. It needs to be treated quickly, which can also add to the entire cost, including appointments with doctors and medications.


After all the cost calculations and considering the risk factors, if you do not feel sure or you cannot afford hair transplant surgery, don’t be upset because there are so many non-surgical alternatives you can go for. Just keep in mind that it won’t be as effective as the surgery but will help.

  • Rogaine or Minoxidil is accessible because it can be bought without any prescriptions and used for women and men.
  • Propecia or Finasteride medicines can offer results in the treatment of both female and male baldness patterns. This medication usually takes 3 to 6 months to show up and give results.
  • Laser therapy of low levels can cure hair loss in a unisexual way. It stimulates and activates the cellular. This can promote strength in weak hairs follicles and increase the continuous procession of hair.


You should consult with your insurance company and the clinics because they often offer installment plans special discounts for the payment to make it more reachable. You should also get all the details regarding the total hair transplant cost in Pune.









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