How does a Company Lawyer secure your Business?

There are several reasons why your business needs to find and also retain a company lawyer apart from addressing the associated legal needs. Having a lawyer on retainer helps you to avoid the scrambling that you have to go through to find the perfect lawyer at times of legal difficulties. Besides having an attorney for framing legal strategies for your business, company lawyers are also beneficial for helping you streamline the processes of going through legal difficulties when it arrives.

Reasons to have a company lawyer on retainer

You can keep altering your company attorney although there are added advantages of having one on retainer. Having a lawyer on retainer before the beginning of any legal troubles will help you to be familiar with how your business manages the legal aspects of the products and services your company offers.

Agreements with business partners

Business partners are expected to be carefully selected as well as have a responsibility to perform their fiduciary duties towards your company. To make sure that all business partners are on the same page and fulfill their obligations, a company lawyer can help you to draft a partnership contract that would clearly outline each partner’s share and duties. Most lawyers in India are equipped to draft a partnership agreement although retaining a company attorney will be more beneficial.

Breach of contract 

Irrespective of the size of your business, you are required to form a contract that is binding upon both your company and buyers of your products and services. This contract is what protects your business from breaches although in cases of breach of contract, company lawyers can step in with a formal letter informing the breaching party about it. Your retained lawyer can help you to demand what is owed by the company and also avoid any further escalation of the breach. Your company lawyer is also a huge time and money saver.

Unsatisfied employees 

Disgruntled or unsatisfied employees can sue the company or file a lawsuit against the employer. If such a circumstance arrives in your company, you can consult your retained lawyer who will help you through the process of challenging the lawsuit. Almost all lawyers in India can recommend ways to fight a lawsuit against your employee although try following the good employment practices that will minimize employee dissatisfaction in your company.

No software or app can replace a company lawyer

Company attorneys are highly specialized and skilled lawyers who can be valuable to protecting your business in the legal sector. You must recognize that lawyers cannot be replaced by apps or software since court processes and complex laws cannot be managed by technology. Your chosen company lawyer is also important to balance the profitable functions for your business which no app can deliver.


Now that you know the importance of company lawyers and retaining them, you can choose one according to the legal resources available to your business. Remember to analyze your business requirements and the legal protection that it requires beforehand.


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