How Do You Feel After Taking Cannabis?

The effects of consuming Cannabis vary from one user to another depending on various factors. One of them is the method of consumption, and the other is the dosage.

Other underlying factors also affect the way an individual feels after taking Cannabis. For instance, one’s medical history is something to think hard about before engaging in different forms of Cannabis. 


Habitual use of Cannabis alters the general functioning of your mind and body. This shouldn’t surprise, considering it mainly targets the brain since all activities stem from here. 

Here are different reactions to expect after taking Cannabis. 


This effect comes in stages and is adversely ricked when the Cannabis user takes exceptionally high doses. Paranoia has become a common term these days and is brought about by various encounters. In the case of Marijuana, it is unmistakable, and the user begins to see and feel things that a normal nonuser is unable to. Worse still, they live in fear that someone is following them and wants to harm them.

This feeling could either be for the short term or the long term. First-time users of Cannabis happen to be among the most seriously affected since they may have no clue what’s going on around them.

Things become worse when one cannot tell whether their experience is a reality or just a mere fantasy. Making your purchase from the https://www.high-supplies.com/en/ might slow things down a bit. Here, you may have frequently asked questions answered after doing thorough research. Buying Marijuana from certified dispensaries yields only genuine products whose effects may not spiral out of control. 


One may have to deal with the hard facts of Cannabis, especially when they fail to follow the set rules of consumption. Adopting strange behavior from the usual is one of the effects and may tend to go on longer at times. 



Extremely High 


This is a universal feeling but varies depending on the dosage taken. Being high entails having an awkward yet intense experience of things that one has had access to times without number. Every consumer of weed has a varying report of how Cannabis makes them feel immediately after consumption. To some, the feeling of highness might be more than they can handle, while others are in the position to control themselves and their emotions. 


Being high also alters a person’s vital areas of response, such as moods. One will find themselves in high spirits and ready to conquer the world. On the other hand, others will only want some peace and solitude to get their act together. 


Beginners might find it challenging to explain their high feelings since they have never experienced such before. They may need some interpretation on the same when they sober up. The feeling of highness diversifies, from seeing nonexistent objects and people to simply being light-headed and desiring a peaceful surrounding. 

Unusually High Appetite 

Getting the munchies is not something new to anyone who has tried out Cannabis before. You will want to eat something sometime after taking Cannabis, and it will feel like an emergency. This effect is clearer for individuals who are known to eat fewer portions of food for some reason. As mentioned earlier, Marijuana alters the way our minds and bodies usually react under certain circumstances.

Your take on food becomes completely different, and one begins to embrace it in its full glory. What happens is that Cannabis targets the brain, which sends signals to the stomach, which communicates feelings of hunger and emptiness.

The user then fulfills this urge by eating all edible products that are within their reach. When this goes on longer, there are dire consequences that will lead to wanting health conditions. The appetite can be described as more than mere cravings. The user will not stop until they get a complete meal that will leave them with the feeling of fullness. Cannabis users will see this as a blessing and be grateful that the food is there when they need it. 

Feeling of Addiction 


Cannabis exists in a wide array of strains, and each one varies in how it affects the user. Wanting to have more of it is a normal effect that everyone must understand, including newbies. It’s not a worthwhile feeling since, in the worst cases, a user might go to the greatest lengths to access it. They could care less about the adverse effects this would bring on their families, careers, and even their own lives. 


However, some are lucky enough to escape the clutching jaws of Marijuana addiction. They do so immediately when they realize the gravity of the issue at hand and seek professional help without wasting time.


Painful Lungs

When consumed via smoking, Cannabis warrants a painful feeling in the lungs that may come as a warning. Coughing is inevitable and may go on for a couple of minutes. In some instances, the coughs may be accompanied by phlegm that takes on different colors when spat out.  





The general repercussions and feelings that occur after taking Cannabis differ from one person to another. While others may have it rosy, others feel like their world is crushing. In-depth research is necessary to avoid being taken by surprise, especially when trying out new strains. 

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