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How do I purchase a genuine Organza saree?

By wearing original organza, you will be able to reflect a quality fashion sense during any special occasion. It can provide you an elegant and classy look instantly with its charming appearance. There are a number of websites available to buy organza sarees online with ease. The transparent texture of the genuine organza makes it different from other silk sarees. Depending on the design and qualities, the price of the organza sarees can vary.

It is quite natural to look for genuine organza sarees while looking for the same in quality showrooms. Fake organza sarees are generally mixed with several materials to lower the price.

However, original organza sarees are a little more expensive than fake ones. To buy an organza saree online, the below-mentioned points can make you able to check the authenticity of the same.

  • Bounce test

According to the experts, the bounce test can be useful to any buyer while buying organza sarees for the first time. This is why the artificial organza silk will bounce with higher elasticity. However, original organza silks have a tendency to stay at their place instead of bouncing a lot.

To buy an organza saree online, you need to fold the chosen organza saree on hand at a distance. After that, leave the saree suddenly. Thus, you can easily check the purity of the organza instantly.

  • The specific sound

Like other silk sarees, organza sarees are not soft, shiny, and smooth. It has a hard, steady texture which helps you to provide a curvy look. Due to this reason, pure organza silks sarees are used to make a crisp sound. You just need to rub three layers of authentic organza sarees to be able to hear that particular sound.

  • Touch and feel

This particular test can be used to buy organza saree online in a proper way. This method is beneficial to check not only the organza sarees but also any kinds of silk sarees in the easiest way. By touching the layer of real organza sarees, you can feel a hard and little rough texture.

  • Transparent texture

A better quality organza sarees have a transparent texture in them. You need to place your fingers under a single layer of the saree. Then you can see your hand properly through the layer. To buy an organza saree online, you can trust this test to prove the purity of the same. However, fake organza sarees do not have this quality.

  • Laboratory test

To check the purity of any product laboratory test is the best choice. Though it is not easily accessible at any moment, certification can only be done by going through this particular test. The specific chemicals can be able to reveal the authenticity of the organza silk sarees within some moments. The particular fabric research organizations can help you at this point.

  • Burn test

It is also a common test for silk sarees. There is no need to burn the whole saree for this test. You need to take out a single thread from the saree at first. In the case of the original organza sarees, you will get a smell that is as similar as burnt hair. Fake organza silk sarees cannot pass this test because those sarees do not have similar materials.

You can now buy organza saree online by checking the originality of the same in every possible way. You should gain an overall idea of organza silk sarees before buying them. The above-mentioned information can be helpful to you to accumulate that particular knowledge. By realizing the difference between genuine and artificial organza sarees, you can save yourself from any scam.


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