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How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work? (All You Need To Know)

Gift cards are an option when selecting the perfect present for someone you love or a family member. One of the most sought-after is Amazon Gift card, which can be exchanged for many different items.

However, if you’ve already been given the gift of one of the Amazon Gift cards, you might wonder how they function and how to use them. If you’re interested in finding out the answer, read on to find out what I learned!

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work In 2022?

Amazon gift cards can be bought in digital or physical forms and can be purchased with pre-loaded funds. Customers can get gift cards by mail, in person, or by postal mail, which can be used to buy anything on Amazon. Customers can also use the gift card for as long as they want once it’s been associated with their Amazon account.

If you’re looking to know more about redeeming Amazon gift card, how you can use the Amazon gift card, and much more, Incentive Pay read on for more information, tricks, and helpful information!

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

If a person is given the Amazon Gift card, they must add the gift card to their Amazon account to purchase.

To connect a credit card to the Amazon account, the customer must follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and then click “Gift Cards” at the top of your Amazon account “Gift Cards” option at the top of the page.
  2. On the Amazon eGift Cards page, choose “Redeem an Amazon Gift Card” from the “Redeem an Amazon Gift Card” option.
  3. Find the claim code located either on the back of the physical gift card or inside an email with an electronic gift card.
  4. Enter the claim code in the text box, then press the “Apply” or “Apply to Your Balance” button.

If customers wish to save the balance on their gift card for a later date, you can select “Keep Balance for Later. “Keep Your Gift Card Balance to Use Later” option.

If they do not, the gift card value will be applied to the next purchase.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Stay on Your Account?

In contrast to other companies that offer gift cards, Amazon gifts remain in the customer’s accounts and are not resold!

If the customer wants to make use of their gift card at another time than when the date they received it, they may select “Keep Gift Card Balance. “Keep Your Gift Card Balance” option.

The majority of Amazon cards will be valid for a period of up 10-years. Once the balance amount is transferred onto an account, the balance will never expire and can be utilized at any time.

Is There a Purchase Fee to Buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards do not require a purchase fee!

Amazon  can be offered in denominations of 15 dollars and $25, as well as $50 and $100. They only needed to be bought with the gift card balance.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Amazon gift cards expire at different times based on where you purchased the card.

In most regions, Amazon cards last for ten years or more until the gift card is placed in an Amazon account.

But, some countries, like London, might only be able to use an Amazon gift card for a maximum of one year.

If the customer is unsure of the rules for expiration for their particular area, They can locate the details under the Gift Cards under Terms and Conditions.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Need to be Activated?

To use an Amazon gift card, the customer must activate it by logging the details to their Amazon account, as the gift card’s intended only for online use.

Customers need to input their claim number in the “Gift Cards” page and then use the money immediately or deposit it into their account to use later.

Can You Use an Amazon Gift Card for Everything?

Amazon gift cards can be used to make virtually any purchase on Amazon! This includes third-party sellers’ items, and customers can use their gift card as an alternative payment to another thing.

However, consumers can’t use gift cards to purchase Kindle subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, or blogs. Additionally, gift cards cannot be used to buy other Amazon gift cards.

Can You Use an Amazon Gift Card at Other Stores?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards cannot be used at other retail stores or in other online stores.

In reality, Amazon eGift cards can be used in nearly all departments on Amazon.

Gift cards are used to purchase electronic products, Amazon Prime memberships, Kindle books, products in Amazon Basics, the Amazon Basics line, third-party seller shops, items offered through Amazon, and many other products.

However, they cannot purchase Amazon cards to pay for other purchases made with gift cards.

Can I Transfer an Amazon Gift Card Balance to Someone Else?

However, Amazon credit card balances cannot be transferred to another account after the claim code is used and inserted into your Amazon account.

So, if a customer wants to gift their gift card to anyone other than themselves, they should do this before the time they claim the money.

If they receive an electronic gift card, they can transmit the mail to the person to whom they’d like to present the gift card.

In addition, when they receive an actual card, the customer could transfer the funds to someone else by handing their card at the time of delivery or via mail before the card is activated online.

Can I Cash Out an Amazon Gift Card?

Currently, Amazon gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash, either to Amazon or to the third-party vendor who issued the card cash.

If the recipients don’t want to use the Amazon gift card for themselves, they can transfer it to another person or give it away to a family member or friend.

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card if the Code is Unreadable?

If the customer is unable to access the code printed that appears on the Amazon gift needs to contact Amazon Customer Service and provide the following details:

  1. The number of digits is the serial number of the card
  2. The number on order (if it was supplied)
  3. Names of the buyer and the recipient
  4. Home address or email address that addresses where gift cards were delivered

Purchasers of Amazon eGift cards are advised to keep their receipts if the claim code isn’t readable. This can help in confirming that the card was purchased.

If they do not provide the above information, consumers might be unable to activate their gift cards.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Gift Card Working?

If customers cannot receive the Amazon cards to function, they may call Amazon customer support for assistance in resolving the problem. Amazon could be able to activate the card by hand or provide the card as a replacement.

The card’s issue not working may be caused by an error in the system or when the person who purchased the card didn’t have the transaction processed on time.

To learn more on this topic, look up our articles on whether you know who has redeemed the Amazon gift card. We also discuss where you can save the gift card and whether Safeway offers Amazon cards.


Amazon gift cards can be purchased in both electronic and physical formats. Gift recipients can redeem their cards by entering the claimed number in the Gift Cards > Redeem the Gift Card section. There, the card will be placed in their accounts.

Most gift cards can be used for up to 10 years before activation and for some time after the purchase has been added to the customer’s account.


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