How Creative Cardboard designs of packaging supports the brand’s name

Innovative designs of packaging are always in demand. We believe what our eyes see. The brands use the same strategy to attract customers. They make the packaging so good that the customers force to buy their product. However, packaging serves the purpose to increase the sale by product external looks. Floral and colorful imprints create a good impression on customers. In captivating the attention of the customers, brands use innovative and appealing cardboard packaging. These cardboard packaging provide safety, durability, and sustainability to the product packed inside. The packaging speaks for its brands. Its unique style of packaging differentiates while lying on the store’s shelf each good. Also, creative packaging tells how effectively brands think about the needs of customers and the environment.

How customized styles and shape add value to packaging

If we take the example of packaging of mobile phones. We will come to know how brands attract potential customers by packaging. The structure of mobile phone packaging is book style. The both end has tuck which can use for opening or sealing the box. The material used is of cardboard which have rigid structure. Which provide security to inside product. The mobile brands do not use transparent packaging. It is because the buyer will purchase no mobile based on just packaging. The retail shop often has a tester. Through which the customer can get awareness about the specification and any other information about mobile before purchasing.

Why transparent packaging looks more attractive

The packaging which is transparent looks more attractive to customers. However, the transparent packaging keeps the product visible to the customer. With bakery items, customer admire display box packaging. Which makes the food visible to the customers. The customers can further analyze the freshness and quality from outside of the box. The creativity of designs will boost the shopping experience of the buyers.

In addition, transparent packaging is helpful for all those consumers who import products. When the product manufactured is one country but sold in another country. The information written on the packaging will not be helpful for them. In order to help both the customer and the brand creative designs of transparent packaging is helpful. It gives a sense of reliability and the customers immediately make purchase. Above all, cardboard packaging has transparent lids which make the inside product visible.

How textured packaging gives a sense of creativity to packaging

The texture of custom packaging boxes plays an important role in packaging. The shiny surface of cardboard packaging gives the feel of comfort. The texture has large variety, which a brand can opt from. Smooth, embossed, and silky texture gives an appealing look to packaging. The texture of packaging is highly dependable on what is the nature of business. Then it will influence the target market.

Smooth surface packaging

The smooth texture gives a finished look at the packaging. It also, provide high-quality feel to the customers. Often, this kind of packaging gives a sense of professionalism. Business cards and brochures have a shiny, smooth surface which gives them protection. Similarly, there is a thin plastic wrapper sheet which does not let water or other factor to damage the packaging.

Embossed Print packaging

In this form of packaging, brands imprint their logos. Which makes the box visible from far away. The embossed prints usually made from gold color. Which gives a royal look at the packaging. Simple brown cardboard packaging with golden imprints looks so classy. It enhances the quality and impression of the brand.

Coated or uncoated packaging

The products which made from ordinary paper are uncoated print products. Whereas, to enhance the color and texture of the products, there is an additional coating. It makes the product really pop. It also leaves a lasting impression of your brand on the customer’s mind.


It takes 2 seconds to like or dislike a product. It is because customer sees the product they cannot use or tastes it. The packaging attracts the customer to come and hold the product. Whereas, the texture significantly increases the chances of buyer to make purchase. Smooth, embossed, uncoated/ coated surfaces usually used in custom packaging boxes. These boxes tell how brands think about their customer. How much their customers mean to them. They introduce smart and eco-friendly packaging to give customer reason to use their products. However, the most important thing is to grab your market place. As there is no barrier to enter the market. Each day, hundreds and thousands of buyers enter each industry.

It is really difficult to make your brand still relevant in the market. In packaging material, cardboard packaging is one of the finest and oldest material. It has comparatively low price than other packaging materials. Transparent packaging has more demand in market. It is because it let the product visible from outside.

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