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How Covid-19 has taught the world a valuable lesson

Covid-19 needs to  investigate

There is a lot of speculation online about the origin of the coronavirus. Most likely a cattle market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It understood that the animals in these markets were kept in such an innocent condition. It would consider animal cruelty in other countries. Yet this is not the first time a Covid-19  virus has begun to wreak havoc on humans.

Another theory put forward is that the coronavirus originated from a Wuhan lab. These American politicians have some suggestions. There is an old saying, “There is no smoke without fire.” So it probably has some merit. But it is difficult to find evidence without proof. China is unlikely to cooperate in any investigation, especially if it is wrong.

America and especially President Trump are not afraid to point the finger at China. Sadly, other countries will not follow them. I suspect that many of them rely on China for trade. Tourism that they are too afraid to talk about as offensive to their Chinese trade partners.

At the heart of the world’s problems is the fact that there is no country. That is accountable to higher authorities. Sure, some rogue countries have imposed sanctions on them for their activities. But many countries in the First World cannot shamelessly make clear claims about human rights and other issues.

Arrogance seems to be the problem. No one tells us what to do!

It is no coincidence that the countries most affected by Covid-19 are the United States and the United Kingdom. Both of which consider father countries to many others. Not only their success but also their mistakes. Say arrogantly, “We’ll do it our way.”

Covid-19 needs to  investigate
Covid-19 needs to  investigate

There is no doubt that the source of the coronavirus needs to be investigated, but who will force China to cooperate?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison noted the need for an investigation into how the coronavirus started. China had threatened not to export their meat.

What do they have, (China) hidden?

A perfect example of how other countries treat others is the immigration crisis. That brought on human rights violations in certain countries.

The United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International do well in the world. But none of them have the right to force any particular country to do so.

There needs to be an organization that is subject to all countries.

I think New Zealand, Australia, and other countries should expand their horizons and look for new markets. Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea are all responsible for dealing with Covid-19. So why can’t their markets explore and tourist routes open with those countries? We China has become dependent on exposing ourselves to economic blackmail.

Covid-19 has made a price for the world (an abbreviation). The cause of the outbreak needs to investigate to establish and take steps to prevent it from happening again. We now have a special running until July 5th for a 40% discount with a coupon code “COVID FREE”. Check out my blog


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