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How air cooler works and which is better for your home

Summer can be pretty harsh for Indian people. The only reason for it is heat. Every year this sweltering heat is increasing gradually. For the summer days, the weather outside and inside of the home gets unbearable. Thanks to the Kenstar cooler that fights against this excessive heat and provides comfort. The air conditioners can be a choice but the price of air coolers is significantly lower than it.

There are different types of cooler. The residential evaporative cooler is ideal for single living spaces whether the window-mounted coolers are fantastic for on-spot cooling. The large areas like garages, workshops, warehouses need industrial evaporative coolers and the small restaurant deck, park pavilion, camping needs outdoor evaporative coolers of Best air cooler. However, nowadays desktop coolers are also in trend which is available in an affordable range.

The Kenstar air coolers are a common household name in India. It offers over 50 models of coolers with more than 70 variants. You can choose between them as per the capacity, spaces, features of the coolers. Here some of the top-selling Kenstar air coolers are described below.

Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 liter air cooler

The Kenstar Double cool comes with a large capacity of 50 liters. This is one of the most powerful, that will keep you comfortable during the summertime. The body is thermally re-engineered plastic that ensures the safety and corrosion-free body material keeps it looking like new for a long day. This air cooler is ideal for dry and sad weather. You can operate the air cooler within 20 meters at your home.

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Apart from that, it allows you for easy movement which means you can easily move it in your home. Just switch to cross ventilation and enjoy the cool breeze from anywhere in your home. This is one of the economical choices for you if you don’t want to invest handsomely in my bet for the air cooler.

KenstarIcecool RE 60 liters Honeycomb air cooler

Kenstar offers a wide range of features in its air coolers. With the KenstarIcecool RE 60 liters, stay cool even in challenging weather conditions. Equipped with a honeycomb cooling pad, it offers better cooling and evenly distribution of the air throughout the room. There is a variety of air cooler from Kenstar. But this model is for any large space.

The large water tank ensures you sound sleep without worrying about filling the water tank again and again. Apart from that, this Best air cooler is an ideal choice for a home with babies. The mosquito net or dust filter prevents mosquitoes from entering the cooler and the honeycomb pad eliminates dust mites from the air. If you wish, you can clean it at your home by simply opening the cooling pads.

Kenstar Nix Personal Air Cooler 12 l

This air cooler is a perfect choice if you want a personal air cooler. The compact design and small size are ideal for fitting any small space in your home or office. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry. You can operate it using a remote easily. Just like other premium branded sir cooler, it also features a honeycomb cooling pad that provides efficient cooling.

The louver of this air cooler is collapsible that evenly distributes fresh air in the room. The separate ice chamber can be used for keeping ice. Save on the utility bill as the air cooker needs 150-watt electricity for operation. Just look no further, if you want a personal air cooler for your home or office use. Price is also within the budget, so cut out the fear of spending too much.

Kenstar Cool Grande 80L Desert air cooler

Kenstar is a brand that stands for quality, style, and durability. The Cool Grande is one of those shining stars in the impressive air cooler range of Kenstar. The first reason to add it to your cart is its large water tank capacity. It comes with 80 Litre tank capacity that will make you hassle-free for filling water frequently. This is the perfect choice for any large area of your home.

You can run this Kenstar cooler 200W that means less electricity consumption but efficient cooling in any large area. To get maximum efficiency, you can connect it with an inverter as well. The motorized movement reaches air in every corner of the room. It comes with a unique grille design and two detachable sides that ensure easy access when cleaning.

Air coolers consume less energy compared to air conditioners. You can bring home one from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to enjoy the cool air. Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Cardholders can avail of exciting offers like No Cost EMI on zero down payment and same-day delivery.

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