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Ramesh is the construction worker, who builds the infrastructure and contributes to nation-building. After the death of his father, he replaced him as construction worker in consulting engineering firm. Ramesh was a very efficient worker, he used to take proper care of each measure that should be followed.

Ramesh’s father died due to collapse of the structure. This shook him and he started his work associating with a formal organization. Ramesh is now associated with the civil engineering consulting firm which does proper planning before commencing any project. He also dreams about making his son a civil engineer, so that no othera person should lose his life as his father did.

Civil engineering is one of the core branches of the engineering field which provides expertise in construction, soil testing, building designs, bridge designs, Green buildings, etc. To analyze the requirements of the construction and implement it efficiently, civil engineers are consulted. Nowadays, various civil engineering consulting firms provide consultation on the construction of efficient and safe infrastructure which could run long and stay safe for the long term.

Why do you need to hire a consultant?

A civil engineering consultant will help you in the following ways:

1. Project Analysis:

The project needed to be constructed needs an in-depth analysis of the purpose to be served by the project, the terrain of the project, the socio-economic condition of the area, and others.

2. Project Planning:

Project planning is very important as, if the planning is done right, it could be executed in an even better way.

2. Project Implementation:

The implementation of the project is as important as the project planning. As the planning alone cannot serve the purpose of building an efficient and successful project.

3. Project Management:

Civil Engineering consultants have wide expertise and knowledge of various projects across broad challenges.
Technical solutions – Being experts in the field, civil engineering consultants can provide technical solutions related to the new technology.

4. Organizing project Logistics:

Logistics is one of the huge tasks which plays an important role in the success of any project. Being an expert in the field of civil engineering, they know the nitty-gritty in a better way and can manage the logistics efficiently.

5. Preparing project Documentation:

Completion of the project is incomplete without proper reporting, and these documents provide data organized efficiently to refer to for any future use.

Consulting Engineers Group provides consultancy for various construction projects in a detailed manner. Established in 1984, CEG has achieved numerous milestones and proved to be relied on for the new age of nation-building.

CEG has started with geotech and highway sector and today it has strengthen its feet in metros, high speed, airports and hydro-construction projects.

CEG has built a strong & enviable presence in almost every sector.
CEG’s Metro Department has served as PMC for the projects like Delhi metro rail corporation, Mumbai metro rail corporation ltd., Pune Metro, Chennai Metro, and currently working on Agra metro.
Its Civil Aviation Department has served as PMC for the Navi Mumbai International Airport as a part of Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport.
The Hi-speed Department has served as PMC for Mumbai- Ahmedabad Hi-speed rail.
The Geotech Department has served as PMC for The Rajasthan Water Sector Livelihood Improvement Project.

Some Famous projects of CEG are:

Mumbai- Ahmedabad Bullet Train

CEG as a part of the TCAP consortium is providing project management consultancy services for civil construction for this project. Mumbai- Ahmedabad is India’s first bullet train project of 508 km connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The project will reduce congestion and provide mobility for commuters.

Tajikistan Transport sector development program

CEG has recently commenced a contract with the Ministry of Transport, Government of Tajikistan for the Tajikistan Transport Sector Development Technical Assistance Program funded by the Asian Development Bank. The Tajikistan Transport Sector Development Technical Assistance Program in Tajikistan aims to improve the efficiency and safety of transport infrastructure, improve the efficiency of cross-border trade, and strengthen the capacity for Strategic Road Network management in Tajikistan.

The scope of work includes developing a smooth Transport sector including Roads, Railways, Civil Aviation, and Cross Border/ Logistics Facilitation in Tajikistan by developing strategy & planning guidelines, providing hands-on Training on modeling software, and other technical assistance. CEG is proud to be part of an important strategic road project in Tajikistan. This harmonize the needs of the development without jeopardizing the environmental and social diversity of the region. Glimpses of Kick-off meeting between CEG’s representative Mr. Alok Gandhi, and administrator of the Ministry of Transport, Government of Tajikistan.

Mumbai Metro

The first phase is between Aarey on Line 7 and Dahanukarwadi on Line 2A and has 18 stations. The newly constructed metro rail shall have the capacity to transport 3 Lakh people every day. A big congratulations to the JV team of CEG , Ayesa, and Italfer who facilitated successful completion of the metro line. CEG is proud to be part of nation-building and served as the General Consultant for 20km stretch of Mumbai metro.

Ethiopian Expressway

CEG India Ltd. under its International Projects vertical is working for quite a few developing countries like Ethiopia. This company is extending its expertise in designing expressway projects under the PPP mode of implementation. The project “Consultancy Service for Route Selection, Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Concept Engineering Design, PPP Advisory Service and Preparation of Procurement Documents of Addis Ababa – Jimma Expressway Project” is the first project in Ethiopia, by Ethiopian Roads Administration (ERA).

The project is in an advanced stage of study by the CEG-ETHIO Consortium. As a part of the project study, the key experts from CEG Ltd. and ETHIO Infra Engineering Plc (Mr. Sanjay Singh-Team Leader (CEG Ltd.), Mr. Jebessa Bekele-Managing Director (ETHIO Infra Engineering plc), Environmentalist (ETHIO Infra Engineering plc), ITS Expert, PPP Financial & Legal Advisor and Toll System Expert (CEG Ltd.)) have presented and discussed all the project proposals and key findings with the Authority. ERA officials appreciated presentation and project preparation approach.

One can ensure by consulting an efficient consulting firm for the success of the nation and the project. Let’s pledge that no other person could die in the same manner as Ramesh’s father did.

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