Here’s How Private Jet Charters Can Help You to Grow Your Business

Even in the age of video conferencing, traveling is one of the most important aspects of running a meeting. Face-to-face meetings will never become obsolete, which makes the concept of business travels as relevant as ever. One of the ways to travel efficiently and in style is to hire a private jet charter. However, is this really worth it, and how does it exactly benefit your business? Let’s find out!

More Reliable Travel Patterns

Being able to travel for work at your own behest and your own pace are two incredibly important tasks. A traditional airline needs to look for its own interests, which means they depend on the volume of tickets sold and the number of passengers. Therefore, their ability to accommodate individual travelers (no matter how much you pay for the ticket) is fairly limited.

What if you’re constantly traveling across the globe in order to coordinate your international network of contacts? What if you intend to bring over clients and partners and go with them on long-distance voyages? How about a situation in which time is paramount, and you can’t wait for the next flight? Keep in mind that having a private jet charter provides you with unprecedented flexibility and reliability of travel.

Faster Travel Times

Because a private charter jet moves at your own pace, you can easily get a much faster travel time. Once you board, the plane can take off, and there are no unnecessary stops and delays. These planes arrive hours ahead of time.

Moreover, charter jet planes will land even on the smallest of airports (even regional ones). This will take matters much closer to you. Otherwise, you would have to figure out the drop-off point and look for a way to book transportation from there. This also makes the travel longer and more complex.

Fixed Rates

With the majority of private jet charter plans, you’re only charged when you fly. This means that you don’t have to bear the cost of repositioning flights for your trip. Just keep in mind that the majority of these charter flights are national. So, if you need to include Canada, Mexico, or even Europe in the program, make sure that you do the research and negotiate the cost.

Remember that this also gives you a chance to include all the transportation within your enterprise on an accurate budget projection. For instance, if you find a third-party freight agency to handle the delivery and choose the private means of transportation like private charter flights, you’ll get a pretty upfront operational cost. This means that this becomes a predictable expense rather than something that regularly catches you off-guard.

The Availability

One more thing you need to understand is the definition and implication of the word – available. Even regular flights (first and business class) are available. However, there’s a difference between availability and guaranteed availability. Booking at the last minute usually means having to make a compromise or not being able to book the flight you want (since it’s full already). With private jet charter flights, this is impossible.

You also need to be aware of the concept of overbooking. You see, sometimes, the airline counts on the fact that you will cancel your flight from the very start. Some people just don’t show up. Others change their flights. Seeing as how this is something that happens on every flight, airlines usually overbook flights. This means that they sell more tickets than there are seats.

Now, remember, an airplane is not a bus where you can stand even if there’s no available seat (even if you wanted to go through this torment). So, what happens when there’s no seat for you? It’s simple, and you won’t be allowed on the flight. In the worst-case scenario, it could escalate like the United Express Flight 3411 incident.

Needless to say, with private jet charters, such a thing will never happen.


Keep in mind that when traveling for work, you’re trying to show yourself in the best light possible. One tip in the business world is to take a close look at the vehicle that the person that’s offering you to get rich is arriving at the meeting in. This is somewhat of an indicator of whether they can generate the wealth for themselves, to begin with.

A similar thing can be achieved here, as well. You see, presentation (panache) is everything in the business world. Sure, arriving via a regular airline is not a bad thing. It will not portray you in a negative light in any way. However, traveling on a private jet charter will earn you some extra points. It will show a lot about your affluence even before you make your own proposition.

It is a neat psychological trick that shouldn’t be dismissed. In a way, it is a part of your networking strategy, like knowing what kind of present to choose when meeting someone for the first time.

Getting Things Done While Flying

The lifestyle quality of this kind of travel is more than impressive. You see, if there’s work to be done while flying, now you can rest assured that there are no distractions. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world do the bulk of their work while traveling. You’re up there, in the most inspirational setting available. There are no crying children or elbowing neighbors in the middle seat to distract you.

Also, the mood in which you arrive at the meeting makes the difference. Whether or not you get to rest on your flight makes a difference, as well. In other words, by paying for a private jet charter, you’re actually buying yourself a competitive edge.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, private jet charters allow you to travel more comfortably, move at your own pace, and display your success to the world. Moreover, it’s one of those luxuries that show you exactly why you’re working so hard to achieve success. As such, it is a catalyst for your intrinsic motivation and a reminder of the long journey that’s already behind you.

Lucas H. Parker

Lucas is a business consultant from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Besides that, he has a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring, and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, hiking, and traveling.

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