Health Insurance Policies To Consider

The issue of family protection in the area of health care is a vital one and every family needs to have important information that will help them in choosing health insurance policies that will provide adequate coverage. There are three types of health insurance policies and it is vital to know about them so that we can make the appropriate choice. The three types are: traditional policies, managed care policies and consumer directed policies.


Health Insurance Policies: Traditional


Traditional heath insurance policies or what is normally called “free-for-service” insurance is a traditional type of health insurance that pays a small portion of each medical service cost you incurred during medical treatment. This can include the doctor’s professional fees and hospital stays. All other costs are paid by the beneficiary. This form of insurance is also known as indemnity insurance. With these types of health insurance policies, premiums are very high.


Health Insurance Policies: Managed Care


Managed care policies are also known by other names, such as health management organizations (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO). Under the policy, the insurer has a contract with health care providers who would provide you the service needed. In this category of health insurance policies, you have to pay monthly premiums and a small amount of money per visit, which is referred to as co-pay. If you decide to seek advice from other health care providers or specialists that are not under the policy network, then you are doomed to pay higher co-pay.


Health Insurance Policies: Consumer Directed


In this category of health insurance policies, money is paid to the beneficiary out of the benefits for his covered medial expense. Beyond this, the insured is then required to pay the doctor’s expenses with the money collected or use it for other purposes caused by injuries or illnesses.


The task of picking from various health insurance policies should be done after sufficient due diligence. You must be clear of the coverage you need and what you are prepared to pay in premiums before making your final choice of the health insurance package you want.

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