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Have Insight Into Success Story, Working & Revenue With Zomato Business Model

Zomato’s business model revolves around providing meal ordering as well as delivery services. The platform makes it easier for users quickly access information, menus from partner restaurants, and user reviews. It has reworked the food business industry by incorporating numerous restaurants and makes it convenient for food lovers to look to search for restaurants, check listenings, give feedback, and availability according to a variety of cuisine.

It offers its services in 24 countries worldwide and provides insightful analytics to different restaurants. The analytics helps restaurants to improvise and ameliorate their business. In 2008, Zomato started a restaurant listing directory; the meals delivery company has come a long way and then ventured into multiple business segments. Let’s take a look at Zomato. What is the delivery platform? How the business giants make a profit.


What is Zomato?

Zomato is one type of delivery platform and multinational restaurant aggregator and  Indian meal ordering founded in 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal. You can view the delivery provider menus and information and user reviews of selected restaurants and delivery options. In 2019, the service offered its delivery service in twenty-four countries and ten thousand cities.


Zomato Success Story, Investments & Acquisitions Details

Zomato IPO in 2021 raised almost 9,375 crores. It was the foremost talked-about expertise because the Indian startup went public. It was all just after COVID when many things became uncertain. It means that Zomato was doing everything right. It is important to understand Zomato’s revenue and business model in light of its success.

Zomato is a food-search engine that focuses on online ordering and delivery. It has partnered up with many restaurants to offer better services to its customers. Zomato is the largest global meal delivery platform. It connects hungry people to food. Zomato works with local restaurants to create a sustainable environment.


Zomato Business Model: How does the delivery platform work?

The Zomato operational model is extremely efficient. The platform makes it easier for customers to use websites or apps to go looking, discover, and notice different restaurants to order foods, book tables to eat out, and perform different activities. The local restaurant receives the order and prepares the meal; later, the proprietor platform algorithm chooses the delivery supplier and assigns delivery.

Delivery staff is not employees, but they are partners in the company. They have the right to reject or accept the order. Once the job has been accepted, the provider will deliver it to the specified location. Most customers will build make payments at the time of delivery or through digital ways.  Zomato customers can review their orders and help it improve its services.


Zomato’s business delivery model is broken down into three steps:

  • Customers use a delivery app like Zomato to order from food joints, and restaurants have partnered with it;
  • The company contacts the closest delivery partner to deliver the order.
  • Delivery partners deliver your order
  • Zomato and delivery partners receive commissions.

Zomato’s dine-out model is different from the standard delivery service. It depends on whether you subscribe to the Zomato Pro offering. Premium subscription-based services offer members discounts and benefits on delivery services and dining out.


Get insight into the key activities of Zomato 

The online delivery platform primarily focuses on the online restaurant directory before expanding into other business sectors. To increase visibility, it partners with restaurants to offer them a commission. They pay for promotions and provide increased conversions to Zomato users. Zomato’s primary activities can be divided into seven groups, including:

  • Restaurant Listings;
  • Delivery of food
  • Live Events
  • Access to White Label Products
  • Zomato kitchens;
  • Hyperpure;
  • Consultancy

Zomato’s business model is a well-planned plan. It includes many factors that make the platform more efficient. With an app like Zomato, you can offer your customers the same experience and service. You can have a quick look at the delivery platform to provide your ideal customers with top services.


Zomato’s Key Partners: How the Digital Platform Attracts Investors

The Zomato business model can also be described as:

Local Restaurants

Online ordering and delivery platforms partner with restaurants to improve their online visibility and attract the best customers.


It acts as a digital panacea for its users, where they can discover, explore different restaurants, eateries, and book a table, dine out or order food.

Delivery Personnel

Online ordering and delivery platforms provide doorstep delivery services for customers. Zomato partners with delivery companies that complete the chain by offering part-time or full-time delivery services.


Customers can leave reviews about cafes, other restaurants, and other food establishments. They can also provide details about the cuisine in graphical or textual format.

Zomato, an app that you to order food online, has partnered up with many businesses such as Visa, Paypal, and Uber Taxi. The online food ordering app had a tie-up with Uber taxi to produce customers with fast access to ride booking. It eliminates the need to use two different apps. It allows customers to book rides and search for nearby restaurants from one location. These alliances help in market research, setting up locations, managing political and legal issues, hiring, accounting, etc.


How does Zomato make money?

Zomato is undoubtedly become a big name in the delivery and meal ordering industry since its inception. The brand’s revenue in 2021 was $394 million. However, there has been an increase in hyperpure revenues from 2020 to 2021. It was estimated at $1.8 Million and $14.7 million, respectively.

The diverse collection of activities plays a critical role in generating its revenues.

  • Advertisements
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Consulting and Data Monetization
  • Delivery of food
  • Live Events
  • Zomato Kitchens


Restaurants that would like to boost their visibility and online presence can advertise their business through the platform. A good supply of revenue comes through promoting and advertising the restaurants that pay for the same constantly.

Zomato Subscriptions

Zomato Pro, a subscription-based freemium model that Zomato uses to offer discounts and special offers on food delivery and dining out services, provides different discounts for customers. Zomato Pro provides 1+1 meals and 2+2 drinks to Zomato Pro customers. Customers can also get their orders faster with the subscription. It Delivers a 3-month membership at 200 and annual pro membership at 750 in India solely.

Data Monetisation & Consultancy

Zomato uses data repositories to analyze user behavior quickly. It provides insight into what food is most popular, which type of meal is in high demand, and what people are most likely to order and search for. Restaurant owners pay Zomato to access the data and optimize their services to meet growing demands.

Food Delivery Services

Delivery of meals is an integral part of the link chain between customers, restaurants, and delivery partners. Customers pay fees to restaurants, which then give commission to delivery platforms.

Live Events

Zomato, an online ordering and delivery platform, charges an entry fee to participate in live events or carnivals organized by restaurants. The ticket purchase is a revenue source for Zomato’s meal delivery platform.

Zomato Kitchens

Zomato provides a service that allows local eateries to grow their businesses in different areas without spending more. It allows you to find more restaurant partners while also generating revenue.

What does the Future Hold for Zomato?

Zomato’s unique business model has made it the world’s largest aggregator. Aspiring entrepreneurs still have much to learn. Many food entrepreneurs are also considering a platform similar to Zomato. It provides a solution that addresses all of its customers’ needs and manages the entire order process until it reaches its doors.

If You might also be looking for a Zomato clone and wonder how much it costs to develop an app like Zomato, then you need to understand that the development price might differ and depend on various aspects like features added, and platform & technology used, and much more.

Zomato is constantly working on new business ventures and improving the services and applications it offers. Zomato is a company with a bright future and much more to reach. A solution similar to Zomato can help you get better results. 

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