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Go with the Trend- Launch a Zoom Clone App and Help to Conduct Meetings Online

Online conferences are being conducted ever since the breakdown of coronavirus everywhere. All public and private sectors have shut down their workplace and began working remotely due to the virus’s threats. The governments of every nation are taking measures to fight back the virus. 

In critical situations like this, it will be hard to keep the business communications going and to keep the economy without going down due to shifts in businesses. The virtual world comes to the rescue. Online meetings bring people of an organization together and enhance productivity and better planning for meetings.

Overview of Zoom Communications

Zoom Communications platform helps bring people together regarding business, casual meetings, education, etc., and connects them. The company was founded in 2011 and supports sharing content through screen sharing, chatting, etc. Zoom is a cloud platform that runs on mobile devices, room systems, and telephones. 

The company earned its first profit in 2019. Zoom has 4,67,100 employees as of January 2021. The payoff for the fiscal year 2020 gained was $672 million and revenue of $2.65 billion for the same year, and as of March 2021, Zoom has a market capitalization of $120 Billion.

The Trend of conducting meetings online- How Covid has changed everything

Pre-pandemic online meetings were contemplated and were the least preferred method except in exceptional cases such as long-distance or unforeseen circumstances. Covid has imposed strict norms around. Many local events are canceled and are getting conducted online. Healthcare departments and governments stress people to stay indoors for their safety. To keep the business without disruption, online meetings are conducted to keep the staff engaged and track their performance. 

Virtual and remote meetings keep people safer as it only requires an internet connection and a software medium to connect and communicate through. Companies will get adapted to this mode of organizing meetings and carry forward it to the future, considering every employee’s convenience. The idea should be to use the situational advantage and launch video conferencing apps like Zoom, as it has a considerable scope to expand globally if it meets the customer’s expectations and has its unique features to attract and support the app users.

People globally seek means to make their work easy. Conducting thorough research in the video conferencing app market and focusing on the competing apps’ features, and creating an upgrade of the same will frame interest among people.

Benefits of Conducting online meetings

Remote meetings, when conducted online, have several benefits. The employees of a company can avoid traveling to distant places, saving transportation costs, time, and energy. Companies can competently organize the meeting, and people can join at their convenience from anywhere. In some cases, these meetings would not require an employee to be in business attire as they can turn off the camera for their comfort. 

The meetings can be recorded and shared with the members who could not make it and be used for future references to take notes. It is also a secure method of communication to share confidential information. People will be responsive, and there will be no hassle while communicating; Thanks to certain features as text chats, mute audio, and raise hands in some apps. They help focus on one party communicating on the other side. Online meetings have set a standard amidst the pandemic and carry forward the same.

Bit about a Zoom Clone App

Zoom Clone is a cloud-based video-conferencing app built to connect people worldwide and offer smooth running functions to share information securely. The app consists of Zoom’s features encrypted in its system that offer similar services. Business meetings, casual meetings with friends and family, and distance learning- Zoom can meet all their requirements under one canopy. The app is economical and cost-effective and efficiently meets the user’s goals of communicating effectively, hence making it worthy of the amount to be invested.

How to launch Video Conferencing apps like Zoom Clone

Before planning to invest and launch an app like Zoom clone, plan on the business and revenue model of the app.

Business model Of The Zoom Clone App

  • Business Strategy

Every business should have its strategy. The primary question should be, “Why did I choose this business among many others?”. The reason may be to provide a particular feature you feel every other video conferencing app lacks or to bring something to the virtual meeting world. There can be a target audience filtered by demographics, age, gender if desired. But too much filtering can hamper the reach.

  • Observe your competitors

Competitors who have started their business recently or earlier can give ideas on how to design apps, what features to include, etc. Some competitors, despite being in the market for a while, will lack essential features. You can also use your creativity and add a unique feature and source app users with the same.

  • Get Creative

Think out of the box and create features that have not been included in any app. People love customizations with everything. You can offer customized stickers, filters, and emojis to make the app experience fun. Think from the customer’s perspective and decide what feature you would like to use. 

  • Development Process

The development process involves deciding on the technologies and inputs to be leveraged in the app making. The features and visual effects always come with a price. Plan on the attributes you wish to incorporate in your app and fix a budget. Then discuss with the developer your preferences and enquire about the cost and time required for app making.

  • App Testing and launching

After the app is developed, it will require proper testing to correct the technical errors and glitches. Once the errors are resolved, you can launch the app onto the desired platform.

Revenue Model of Zoom Clone Script

There should be methods to earn revenue and must be planned over. Income can be sourced through:

  • Advertising

Most apps earn revenue and profits through in-app advertising. The advertisements can be streamed as skippable and unskippable ads, promotional banner ads, etc. The video ads should not be lengthy as they can lead to app uninstalls.

  • Subscription

App users can be charged extra for adding more users on video calls or for exceeding a particular time limit during video or voice calls provided the quality of the app is high, so app users are retained and converted to regular subscribers.

  • Stickers and Customizations

Stickers, beauty filters and customizations for the same can be charged for a bit of sum. Unique concepts will not make people contemplate much regarding spending a small amount.

Last Words- Be a part of the trend and launch Zoom clone

Launch a video conferencing app and lead the trend of virtual meetings by being a part of the app market. The Zoom Clone app comes with all the necessary features a good video conferencing app should have. Zoom clone app development can cost depending on the selected features and vary accordingly. Launching a Zoom Clone for business will be appreciated among all the business concerns. Use this chance to your advantage.

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