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Gaming AML KYC – A Quick Way To Comply With Know Your Player

. The Covid-19 pandemic brought destruction to all the businesses around the globe, but the gaming industry was one sector that flourished in the times when the entire world was locked down in their houses. By knowing your player Resources say that the $118 billion gaming industry not only survived but it thrived with 55% of players turning to games for relaxation, stress relief, and entertainment amidst the times of pandemic. The increasing trend in online games has made the industry experience frauds and the merchants try to counter them with gaming AML KYC compliance. 

Another perk that individuals associated with the gaming industry enjoyed during the hard times were the countless job opportunities in the field. Online gamers when shifted towards playing games, the businesses owners started developing and designing more games with gaming AML KYC that would satisfy players’ hunger and kill their boredom. 

Identity Verification For Online Gaming 

Like any other business, this sector also required certain verification processes to identify their genuine customers from bad actors. Fraudsters became active and clever with their tricks in manipulating the system. Not just the businesses but the customers also faced the consequences once they become the victims of perpetrators’ evil acts. Gaming AML KYC facilitates merchants in putting a stop to these crimes. Know your player is the verification measure that helps gambling websites to identify the true identity of the gamers. 

Know Your Player 

Just like know your customer, know your player verifies the identity of the gamers. After performing know your player, businesses can secure their workflows to a maximum extent. There are a lot of ways to process this i.e, by authenticating their government-issued official documents and facial verification services. It can be said that know your player . Further helps gambling sites to practice gaming AML KYC checks. 

Customer Due Diligence 

CDD includes know your customer services that provide an insight into the customers’ basic information. Regular users with no political. The less-risky profiles can be processed through customer due diligence. Gaming AML KYC  is essential in identifying the players. 

Enhanced Due Diligence 

EDD incorporated anti-money laundering compliance in it. Customers with political backgrounds are verified through enhanced due diligence. High-risk profile customers do not satisfy the security protocols through CDD because their status can be abused easily to carry out money laundering through gaming frauds. That is why enhanced due diligence is performed to check if the person has any association with any political party or is included in any kind of sanction list. 

Gaming AML KYC Helping Businesses In Preventing Fraud 

The gaming industry because of its dealing with money in one way or the other is attracting fraudsters’ attention to commit fraud.

  • Identity Theft 

The gaming industry is no doubt reaching new heights of success in recent times .That is good for the businesses as they are making big revenue out of it. But the situation gets alarming when the stats of online gamers show . There is a number of players who belong to age not considered legal for playing certain games. Gaming AML KYC works as assistance for gaming websites to verify the exact age of the player.

Age verification is an important segment for age-restricted sites to perform to restrict minors from accessing these sites. Otherwise, children might become victims of identity theft that can have a lifetime impact on their mental and emotional health. Therefore, exercising gaming AML KYC can be of great help for enterprises to combat identity theft. 

  • Money Laundering 

A business associated with dealing with money is inevitable to facing money laundering crimes. So is the case with the gaming industry. Online gaming platforms are the piece of cake for launderers . To spend their ill-gotten money . Then winning funds through it. 

Gaming AML KYC prevents money laundering by complying with AML regulations. Gaming websites are an easy target for scammers to do betting or spend money on others’ bets to earn double the amount of money and that too in a genuine-looking way. 

  • Chargebacks 

Along with many crimes that gaming websites have become a hub for, the chargeback is one of them. Minors use their parents’ credit/debit cards to pay the fee to access a game. But once their parents get to know about the deduction of the amount they claim financial institutes for their money. Having gaming AML KYC in place ensures online gaming safety and prevents the onset of chargeback.

Summing It Up 

Gaming is getting popular among players, while on the other side it is facing various types of online fraud. Gaming AML KYC regulations are the solution to get the real experience from gaming websites which they were made for i.e. fun and entertainment. 

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