From J.J. Lares, the Magnum Hen Duck Call

For many years, any and every JJ Lares call has been a top choice among duck hunters. The Magnum Hen calls are quickly becoming more popular because they produce an excellent sound of ducks flying over the marshland to reveal tuleys for shooters when used correctly and also includes another favorite feature which can be purchased separately if you’re looking into getting your hands on some new hunting equipment or just want that extra accessory-a little something extra!

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in business since 1999. It is a family-owned business that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California with an emphasis on hunting supplies and fishing equipment for beginners through pros alike! New customers should be aware of their extensive knowledge when it comes time to get you some fresh game or tackle up how this season will go down at your local river bend – they have what every fisherman needs right there waiting under just under one roof…

About J.J. Lares

The world-renowned duck caller, JJ Lares has been making some of the most sought-after waterfowl JJ Lares calls in Chico for over three decades. He’s received several awards as his work is considered ideal presents anyone who loves hunting ducks or any other type of fish that live near lakes and rivers alike! For those looking to buy a gift they know will be loved by someone special – check out all these great products from one of our favorite callers:

If you’re looking for a new way to fill your duck hunt with birds, then the Magnum Hen call by JJ Lares is perfect. This device gives off that commanding mallard hen sound which can really open up tuleys when used correctly and will surely get noticed in any marshy area!

About the Magnum

The call to get your ducks in a row is the Magnum JJ Lares. This high-pitched squawk can be heard by all sorts of birds, especially those during mating season when hunting restrictions are put into place. The perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast looking for some good ole fashioned birding fun!


Anyone interested in waterfowl, whether for hunting or simply to admire their beauty may find a fantastic duck call at Kittles Outdoor. JJ Lares has created an amazing new hybrid call that would be perfect if you’re looking into purchasing one! These JJ lares duck calls sound just like hens and can really spread Tom when used correctly; we offer high-quality goods because our staff believes in providing customers with great options!

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