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Fortinet Siem Malaysia: Best Security Information and Event Management

Let’s discuss SIEM. Do you frequently struggle to respond to threats, breaches, and similar occurrences? In light of the rising amount of assaults and associated network downtimes, do you find it exhausting to track down the source of breaches? If so, a Fortinet Siem Malaysia ‘s  solution could be just what you want.  


Lack of cooperation between the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Security Operations Center is frequently to blame for the pain mentioned above (SOC). While the SOC teams are concerned mainly with network security, rules, and compliance, the NOC primarily focuses on network performance and uptime. 


They each employ a range of tools and software that are not connecting to provide a global perspective of the enterprise’s comprehensive network, which only serves to widen the gap between them. Due to the complicated monitoring and reporting environment produced by these elements, there is a greater chance that threats and breaches may go unnoticed for a while.


What is software for SIEM? 


Company security personnel may better control events occurring inside the enterprise thanks to security information and event management (SIEM) software. This is accomplishing by gathering network and security logs from a variety of sources, such as access points, active directory and database servers, routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and storing them in a central repository under the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) umbrella. An effective plan for building cyber resilience must include SIEM. 


SIEM prerequisites 


A SIEM has to be aware of everything that is connecting to the network and be able to gather events and log data from every connected object. Fortinet Siem Malaysia platform includes a self-learning, real-time asset discovery and device configuration engine as the sole SIEM product on the market. As long as a device can submit logs to SIEM, it can parse, normalise, and categorise the data on that device.


To provide events and alerts with proper context, Fortinet Siem Malaysia software should have a philosophical context that can recognise the distinct types of servers, devices, and applications that are currently in use, as well as their respective configurations. This is essential to preventing the SIEM device from raising false alerts. 


For optimum yield, SIEM software also has to be given high-quality data; the more data sources you feed it, the better it gets and the more clearly it can identify outliers.


How SIEM functions


SIEM software gathers and combines log data produced by endpoints, applications, firewalls, and antivirus filters throughout the company. 


Fortinet Siem achieves the following goals, which are to: 


  • Analyses that are almost immediate. Faster detection, analysis, and recovery are the main goals of SIEM systems. For example, it may be use to find zero-day attacks. 
  • Sync businesses with audits and legal standards, such as PCI and HIPAA. The SIEM creates automated compliance reports and notifies the appropriate staff members. For instance, the SIEM receives a notification from Active Directory or RADIUS alerting it to a Repeat Attack Login assault against one of the hosts (3 or more unsuccessful login attempts in 60 seconds). After then, a security administrator receives a notification.
  • automated cross-correlation and analysis of the whole network’s raw event logs The capacity of a SIEM to cross-correlate information from several threat feeds and system data before assessing the threat level of an incident sets it apart from a normal log collector. 
  • Create aesthetically appealing charts using log data and security event data to help identify trends. 
  • Enable Forensic Analysis: The capacity to conduct searches across logs from various nodes and time frames in accordance with predetermined criteria.


Benefits Of Fortinet Siem


The most important threat-detection capabilities, real-time reporting, compliance tools, and long-term log analysis are all provided by security information and event management platforms. The main advantages are:

Improved security performance and quicker reaction to threats. An event management and security solution must “allow an analyst to discover and respond to suspect behaviour patterns faster and more effectively than would be feasible by looking at data from individual systems” in order to be effective. It must be able to stop successful breaches in order to be genuinely effective.


Efficient demonstration of compliance. Additionally, SIEM IT teams should find it simple to monitor and report compliance with industry, legislative, and security standards thanks to SIEM technology.


Significant simplicity reduction Fast and thorough analysis is make possible by the consolidation of security event data from various apps and devices. Additionally, repetitive operations are mechanising, and employees with less experience can now complete duties that once required expertise.



SIEM Obstacles: 


Security teams sometimes begin by investigating a shocking number of false alarms. One of the most annoying obstacles to putting effective cybersecurity strategies into practise is false warnings. These are “useless” warnings that waste the time of an organisation’s SOC teams since they aren’t actual threats.


The 2017 Annual Cyber Report from Cisco is titled The Hidden Danger of Uninvestigated Threats. Only 28% of security alarms that are looking into turn out to be real, and of those, only 46% are remedy, leaving 54% of real dangers unaddressed! 


This is due in part to the SOC team’s efforts being redirected to look into false warnings. So how precisely can a business handle erroneous alerts?


Managing False Alerts 


  • Define false alarms in detail. It is likely a false warning if a difficulty ticket is frequently produced without any specific quick action stated. Such notifications may be taken out of the ticketing programme and just included in reports. 
  • Turn off any default rules that don’t applicable to your environment, such as a rule that prevents SQL injection attacks if your network doesn’t have a SQL server installed. 
  • Adjust the rules to fit the thresholds of your own scenario. However, this takes time. After installation, keep an eye on your environment to ascertain the best thresholds for certain features, such as the difference between regular and abnormal traffic.
  • Use a SIEM system with intelligent context features. It need to be able to intelligently determine if a danger is real or not by cross-correlating event data from several sources at once. 
  • SIEM product criticality should be adjust to fit your environment. For most settings, default vendor defaults are typically set excessively high. After using the SIEM for a time, you will quickly realise this. Avoid the suffering!
  • Use geolocation data and a threat feed that is of high quality and is updated often. Your events and logs will benefit from extra context as a result. The criticality of such a log is raised to high, for example, if the source IP is from a known hacker cell. Geolocation information also aids in identifying whether the traffic is local, distant, or international. The quantity of erroneous warnings may possibly rise as a result of low-quality danger feeds! 
  • Eliminate duplication. Do not raise an alert ticket for traffic that has previously been stop if a firewall prohibits that type of traffic. Why was the firewall device initially deployed in the first place?


Debug Actively

Proactive firms will fine-tune the SIEM so it recognises regular occurrences and generates fewer false alarms. After a false alarm, make SIEM modifications to prevent future false positives. Fine tuning should be done often to reflect internal changes such device commissioning and decommissioning, global threat landscape changes, etc.


SIEM management is a resource-intensive procedure that needs frequent reviews and modifications to maintain peak performance. In spite of this, skipping a SIEM solution isn’t the solution because doing so leaves you open to attack. Given that many IT workers are unaware of effective ways to accomplish this, experienced SIEM consultation may be necessary.


Selection of SIEM Tools and Vendors


Both paid commercial options and free open-source alternatives are available for SIEM tools. You must carefully select a SIEM tool that meets your enterprise’s demands because different SIEM products rely on a wide range of distinct features and capabilities to function effectively. 


There are a few notable suppliers, including Intel, Splunk, Fortinet, HPE, IBM, Solar Winds, and HPE. We also have open-source SIEM products that are back by the community. They may not be as dependable because they are not vendor-backed, especially in demanding enterprise-grade situations. Elasticsearch, ELK Stack, Ossim, Splunk Free, and Ossec are some of the top free open-source SIEM products. 




As additional applications, endpoints, IoT devices, cloud deployments, virtual machines, etc. are adding to the network, security management only becomes more difficult. It is necessary to have real-time awareness across all infrastructure and devices in order to secure this expanding attack surface. But there must also be context. Businesses must be aware of which gadgets pose a threat and where.


Fortinet Siem Malaysia combines visibility, correlation, automatic reaction, and remediation in a scalable solution. Fortinet SIEM simplifies network and security operations to free up resources, identify breaches, and prevent intrusions. Fortinet’s design allows unified data collection and analytics from logs, performance measurements, security alarms, and configuration changes.


For a more comprehensive understanding of the security and availability of the company, Fortinet Siem Malaysia essentially combines the analytics that were previously monitoring in separate silos by the security operations centre (SOC) and network operations centre (NOC).


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