Find The Right Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi Suitable For You and Your Child’s Needs.

Abu Dhabi is a multicultural Emirate city. And what makes it multicultural are the diverse group of ex-pats living there. With Indian, Egyptian, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Philippine migrants living in Abu Dhabi, finding the right education must also be diverse and fit the needs of parents looking to progress themselves and their children.

Indian ex-pats are a considerable portion with over 3 million inhabitants and most parents look for home-based curricula to educate their children. Indian Schools that offer CBSE Indian curriculum aid that.

In Abu Dhabi, Indian Schools are the norm. With over 230 schools operating, inclusive of top-notch facilities, faculties, and a diverse range of subjects and extracurricular activities for their students, choosing the right Indian School in Abu Dhabi for your child is easier said than done.

This list is to make your job easier, entailing Top 3 Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi.

Global International Indian School:

With over 200+ awards and distinctions both nationally and Internationally, Global International Indian School, Abu Dhabi has proved that they take great care of their students’ physical/mental health and academics. They made these accessible to students right from Lower Kindergarten to High School. GIIS has expanded its reach globally, in Singapore, India, UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. And every school globally follows the same vision that expresses in creating a nurturing environment to provide a high-quality education and a caring faculty that treat the students with respect and give them the liberty to express themselves so they grow into independent, successful, and kind men and women.

GIIS’s Curriculum

GIIS presents an impressive curriculum that concentrates on their students’ overall growth by implementing skillful Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities. Alongside, they manage variants of clubs, events and last, provide scholarships.

GMP Plus, the Montessori Method of learning that GIIS provides for Pre-Primary students is an excellent way for your child to experience school life for the first time. The Montessori Method of learning not only fosters the academic progress of their students but also focuses on building values, cultivating their sense of self and creative expression.

As for Primary and High School students in Abu Dhabi Indian Schools, The Ministry of Education recognized that the CBSE curriculum is the best fit here. The 9GEMS FRAMEWORK they provide focuses on balancing their students’ academic and holistic development. This CBSE Curriculum emphasizes building your child’s cognitive and communication skills, as well as the problem-solving ability and personality development.

As talked about earlier GIIS also offers a diverse range of Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities like Dance, Art, Music, and Sports like Swimming, Yoga, Chess, Tennis, etcetera…to promote teamwork, leadership, and overall personal and physical development.

If you want your child to have an education in GIIS, school admissions in Abu Dhabi have opened up for the next batch of 2021-2022.

Private International Indian School

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, an elite institution that provides education in India has partnered with Private International Institution as their first collaboration in UAE. The school has already earned the rating of ‘very good’ by the ADEK, the association that inspects the schools in UAE for their progress and the efficiency of the faculty, facility, and technology.

The School’s aim is to develop individuals that are self-aware, confident and that overcome any obstacles by communicating and asking for help using the tools provided.

Their curriculum offers not only CBSE education but also caters to various extracurricular and co-curricular activities for their students’ holistic development.

Modes of Teaching

At the Primary level, PIIS provides the Montessori Method of learning. The teachers focus on their student’s academic development and use real-life situations as examples to make them relatable and easily understandable to the children. Along with that, they instill sensitivity to aesthetics by exposing the children to nature and different forms of art.

Middle and Secondary level has upgraded academic subjects that allow them to learn through everyday experiences. At this level, the students may broaden their language skills by introducing foreign languages like French, Arabic, Hindi, and English. It also encouraged the students to take part in different school activities like quizzes, inter-school competitions, club activities, and etcetera. The teachers follow the pragmatic methodology that invokes the student’s natural curiosity to learn and grow.

Lastly, the Senior Secondary level allows the students to integrate the skills and knowledge learned into their everyday as well as professional lives. Cultivating fine individuals for the future that will excel in whatever path they choose is an important factor for the faculty and the school itself.

GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi

Opened in 1990, we knew The School as Our Own English School with a state-of-the-art campus and a restructured curriculum that focuses more on the overall improvement of their students. GEMS provides an internationally on par Indian Education assembled on the belief of different cultures of education, and delivers the skills and knowledge to become well-rounded individuals.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) approved their CBSE curriculum providing a value-based education that teaches their students modern technology and skills that let them innovate and grow in their way at their own pace.

The Early Years Programme is for Kindergarten students who yearn to develop their cognitive skills, motor skills, and social skills at an early age. As they believe that their young learners grasp the subject matter with ease as they feed into their curious nature. Along with subjects like English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, students are also encouraged to pursue Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education, and Sports.

Moving on to the Primary Section, students will learn and improve their language, numeracy, and ICT skills. They also focus on financial, cultural, and scientific teaching.

GEMS has a diverse curriculum for Middle and Secondary Students. Introducing different languages, Social Science studies, and Technological studies that require the students to learn and work in different groups or individual projects.


This school also offers a range of extracurricular activities ranging from Music to Sports that refines a child’s artistic expression.

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