File a claim for an knee at work if you suffered a job related injury

 Some people suffer an accident at work but do not file a claim because they are not sure whether they are eligible to file a claim or not. If your injury is work-related and you believe it is the fault of the employer, you are eligible to file a claim. Sometimes the employer is taking precautions and following health and safety regulations, even then accidents at work do occur. If you have suffered a loss in terms of prolonged illness or a loss of earnings, you may file a knee injury claims.


Basis of filing a work injury claim: 


You can file a work injury claim if it was not your fault in the accident at work, but the fault was on the part of the employer. You may also file an accident at work claim if it was your fault to some extent, but the chances of winning the claim are reduced to a low level. It’s better to consult a work injury specialist. You may hire a claims management company for the purpose of proceeding your claim of work injury.


Hire a work injury specialists:


Lawswood claims is the most reliable claims management company in the United Kingdom currently operating in London and Scotland. You can always consult us for free advice on the matter. There is no financial risk in getting the advice. We have years of expertise in the field. Our work claim specialists can help you get the maximum amount of compensation for your work injury claim. We are working on the principle of no win no fee. That means you are not going to pay any fee until you win the amount of your claim. Unlike other claims management companies which are charging a very high fee for proceeding work injury claims, Lawswood claims is not charging any fee upfront. The time limit for filing the claim of work injury is three years. You may get the compensation amount in a period of 4-8 months if the case is simple. However, the time period of getting the compensation may increase if the case is complicated, where it is difficult to decide who is the guilty party.


Gather evidence of your claim:


You may need evidence of your injury at work. You may require the following evidence in proving your claim.


  • Take a record of any application given to the human resource department about the faulty equipment or machinery at work
  • Get medical treatment bills that you have paid during your illness
  • Take photographs of the venue, the equipment or machinery that appeared to be the cause of the accident, for example, there was a broken ladder, or a broken chair
  • Gather eyewitnesses if possible
  • Gather CCTV footage from the accident location
  • Take photographs of your injuries or bruises
  • Take notes of anything that might help in proving your innocence in the case


It is concluded that despite taking precautionary measures accidents might happen at the workplace. It may be the fault of the employer or the fault of the employee. However, it becomes easier to proceed with the claim if the fault is of the opponent party. Evidence make it easier to prove the innocence of the client. Lawswood claims has a team of experts that deal with such cases easily as they are fully aware of the procedure of filing the claim.

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