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Fighting Corona With UV Disinfection System

After being hit by a Pandemic, getting back on track after almost a year of lockdown has become mandatory. With the ease of guidelines, everyone is moving out, going to work as a normal regular day, Meeting friends, and shopping. But the Corona Virus has still not vanished completely. Experts around the world still believe that the Virus stays up on the surface-active for more than 3 hours, which puts everyone around it at risk of touching it and getting infected. To disinfect such surfaces before entering a crowded place becomes a crucial activity.

Vehant Technologies : KritiScan™ 6040R

What Are the UV Disinfection Systems?

The kritiscan Disinfection system uses UV light to scan and kill microbial contamination on surfaces like bags and purses. This scanner is 99.9% effective and kills any such potential virus that might infect someone. The shortwave UV rays cut through the baggage and inactivate the microbes. The wavelength of the UV rays in this scanner is 254 nano metres which could hardly affect any human if exposed to it but it’s strong enough to disinfect the virus. Once the they have been killed, their ability to grow and multiply also deactivates.

How Do UV Disinfections Work?

The operation of the Kritiscan Disinfection system is quite easy and highly effective. The Kritiscan Disinfection system is a 360-degree sanitation box that is incorporated with UV light lamps placed all around it. Once the bag passes through this tunnel-shaped system, the UV lamps scan the bag thoroughly and sterilize it. The sterilization could be monitored by a person on the screen placed outside the Disinfection. The thorough sterilization of bags and purses protects the people from getting infected with any potential virus penetrating the surface. This whole process only takes around 8-10 seconds. This system is quite easy, compatible, and highly effective in this pandemic situation.

Why You Must Use It?

With everyday life rushing back to normalcy, everyone is going to malls, metro stations, airports, hotels, and private complexes. The gathering of hundreds of people in such places puts everyone around them at risk. While the hands and mouth could be protected with gloves and hand sanitizers, protecting surfaces also becomes important.

Kritiscan® is one of the best, most reliable, and compatible systems made in India. It’s not just easy to use but it’s highly effective. It also keeps the user safe with its ergonomic design which doesn’t let UV-C rays come out of the tunnel. The UV lamps are 99.9% effective in killing the COVID-19 virus or any such potential hazardous virus from penetrating the surface.

The UV Disinfection System is the need of the moment as only this could lead to a safer environment for everyone. The responsibility of keeping oneself safe and sounds falls onto everyone. We must keep washing our hands often, wear a mask in public, maintain social distancing, and encourage the use of Disinfections like Kritiscan UV-based Disinfection systems to sterilize the belongings, in order to protect the surfaces from penetrating virus and putting everyone’s health at stake.

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