Facts & Myths of Lash Shedding Season

Do you know what Lash Shedding Season is? It’s that time of year when lash extensions shed naturally. You may have heard rumors about this phenomenon; for example, some think it only occurs with lash extension bonded/sealed with cyanoacrylate (Crazy Glue) glue or that lash technicians need to possess “magical powers” to be able to combat Lash Shedding Season. While others think it is a myth or even a marketing ploy by some salons.

We say: Lash Shedding Season is extremely common for those who have their lashes done at a salon, and it can happen any time of year!

Natural lash shedding cycle: Did you know?

  • An individual can lose up to 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks on average. 
  • Lashes grow in and fall out in cycles, and that occurs every 60 to 90 days. 
  • An individual can usually shed between 1 to 5 natural volume lashes every day. And it depends on the person’s lash growth cycles. 
  • We don’t even notice that new eyelashes have already been growing to replace that lash that falls out. 

You are not alone! If you notice that your hair sheds more during a certain season. It is called seasonal molting, and it’s natural. 

Acquaint yourself with the facts and stay away from widespread myths

Myth: If I get lash extensions, they will never shed.

Fact: There is no way to prevent lash shedding. It is the natural process of the hair growth cycle, so don’t try pulling them out – you’ll just damage your own lashes!

Myth: If I have lash extensions, they will shed before my real eyelashes.

Fact: Eyelash extensions actually help you prevent lash shedding by giving the natural hair follicles a break from having to support your lashes for a short period of time so they can focus on growing healthy again.

Myth: You can wear as many lash layers as you want without any consequences.

Fact: A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two months in between refills and applications. This allows your lashes enough time to recuperate and hydrate before applying for extensions again. It also gives your natural lashes the chance to catch up when combined with proper care using an eyelash growth serum, like Idol Lash.

Myth: Lash shedding is something that happens only in the first few weeks after the application of lash extensions.

Fact: False! Just because you might not see your natural lashes falling out at the beginning of the growth cycle doesn’t mean they aren’t. Every hair follicle on our body has its own specific time frame in which it sheds.

Myth: Lash shedding is something that will only happen once, and then my lash growth cycle will be over for good.

Fact: False! Lash shedding is a natural and healthy part of the hair growth cycle. Therefore, you should not be alarmed when you notice your own lashes shedding, even if you have lash extensions!

Myth: If I stop getting volume eyelash extensions, my lashes will get back to their normal length and thickness.

Fact: False! Lash extensions only give your natural lashes a break from the growth cycle so they can focus on growing healthy again. Your lashes will not magically get back to their normal state just because you stop getting lash extensions.

Myth: Nothing I do can affect my natural lashes when it comes to lash shedding.

Fact: Although your natural lashes cannot be affected by getting lash extensions, proper eyelash care can help your natural lashes grow stronger and healthier. Use the best eyelash extension products like Idol Lash, an all-natural eyelash growth serum that promotes lash health using vitamins, proteins, amino acids, biotin, horsetail extract, and more to condition your health lashes for better growth.

Get yourself familiar with the truth about lash shedding in the fall

Clients go through an increase in shedding during certain times, especially in late fall months. It is common and known as seasonal shedding. So why does it happen and why during this time of year? The cause of shedding is yet not clear, but research shows that seasonal lash shedding happens most often during fall months, such as September and October. 

But why in fall? As per research, it happens during the summer months then; why do we shed more in the fall. 

During summer, intense heat triggers your lash hairs to go into the resting phase, and it suppresses further growth, which stops the lifecycle of hair growth. So it means that all the “resting lashes” during summer are ready to fall out over the next month or two in autumn. 

When our follicle in the lash line absorbs more sweat, there is a high chance that dirt and sweat block the pores and suffocate natural lashes. The blockage reduces the growth of lashes and results in severe lash fallout in autumn. 

Wrap up:

The best way to prevent lash shedding is by taking care of your own natural with proper products.

Don’t forget these 3 key steps: Conceal – hydrate – nourish.

Conceal your natural lashes before applying mascara. Hydrate your eyelashes and the skin around your eyes with an eye cream. Nourish your lashes with proper nutrients to promote better growth. We hope you are all clued up and remember that it’s normal for your eyelashes to shed, especially during lash shedding season. So without worry, get your lash extension done from Knoxville; Tn to be the gorgeous one out!

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