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Export Office 365 Calendar to PST – Everything You Need to Know

In this write-up, we are going to study, what makes a user export Office 365 calendar to PST, what are the ways to perform this task, and the best possible solution.

We are stuck in this scenario because Microsoft does not offer any dedicated tool to solve this issue. However, there are some indirect methods but they have certain limitations.

A lot of users have some crucial data in their O365 calendars like scheduled meetings, tasks, activities & events. Managing all this manually can be a headache for any employee.
Also, it is time consuming when done manually. O365 made it very easy for us to manage all these events through one single utility.

Before stepping into the exporting process, let’s have a look at what can be a genuine reason to perform this operation.
[Note- reasons may differ from user to user]

Why Does A User want to Export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook PST?

Reasons for such operations are various but for example, in this article, we’re going to see a user query & then try to solve it in the easiest & safest method.

User query- In our workspace, we are working with the E1 license of O365 for almost every user. We are aware of the premium feature of In-Place hold that demands an Exchange Online setup to enable it for all user mailboxes. What’s the possible method to export Office 365 Calendar to PST file format while maintaining Data Integrity? Please explain the manual method too, if there is any.

In this above query, we understood that the user wants to export the O365 calendar in the PST file format.

As he demanded, we are going to explain the manual methods as well as the best possible solution.

What is The Conventional Method to Solve This User Query

So, for the manual method, we are going to use Microsoft Outlook to perform our task, and then later on we will move towards the modern solution. You must keep a few things in your mind before opting for the manual method.
As this process is very lengthy and confusing, be careful while transferring your data otherwise, there is a high chance that you might end up losing your data.

Step-1 Launch Microsoft Outlook > Open Add Account menu

Step-2 Log in by entering your O365 credentials

Step-3 Let your O365 account get configured in Outlook (wait for a while)

Step-4 Enter O365 password in the Pop-Up window

Step-5 Click on OK

Step-6 You’ll get an account setup wizard > click on OK

Step-7 The Outlook will begin restoring the mailbox from the O365 configured account.

This is the mid-way, you’ve successfully configured your Office 365 account in Microsoft Outlook. Now follow the below-mentioned steps to export Office 365 calendar to PST.

Step-1 Go to Outlook toolbar > Click on the available file tab option

Step-2 Click on Open & Export menu > Click on Import/Export  

Step-3 Click on Export to a file > Select Outlook data file (.pst) > Click on Next

Step-4 Choose O365 account > Select Calendar > Click on Next

Step-5 Select the destination folder path

Step-6 Click on the Finish button

Limitations of This Manual Method

  • Time-consuming, may take ages if huge data is to be exported. Decrease efficiency.
  • Chances of data corruption. This method is complex & has chances of facing errors.
  • Can not export data of multiple users. One user at a time.
  • Can not export selective data. All data for a particular mailbox item will get exported.

Modern Approach to Export Office 365 Calendar to Outlook PST

We learned the traditional method and are aware of its risk factors. Now. let’s learn what is the modern method & why it is the best possible solution one can find nowadays.

So the modern approach includes a highly professional Office 365 Mailbox Export Tool to export data. This tool holds the capacity to provide several useful features to users that they can’t get benefited from while using the manual approach.

Download the exporter tool and then follow the step-by-step guide to export your data safely, without any hassle.

  1. Launch the tool and enter your O365 log-in credentials.
    [Note-If you are an admin, click on the Is Admin checkbox & enter admin credentials]
    Export Office 365 Calendar to PST step-1
  2. You can see the list of all the users under that admin account and then you can select the users, whose data is to be exported.
    Office 365 calendar export step2
  3. Select the PST radio button and then select the file size in which you want to export Office 365 calendar to PST.
    Export Office 365 Calendar to PST step-3
  4. In the category section, Select the Calendars option & apply the Date-Filter to export data for a fixed time period only.
    Office 365 exporter Date filter
  5. Select the Destination folder path where you want to save your PST files.
    MS Office 365 Export tool free
  6.  Click on the Start button, after completion of the project you can save the export report for analysis in the future.
    Office 365 export software

The Final Say

Users with a similar query of “how to export Office 365 calendar to PST” can find this article useful and can get a better understanding of the whole gaziantep escort bayan operation.

If you are still going to opt for the manual method, don’t forget to consider its limitations and risks before.
The modern approach will be much easier for you if, you don’t want to compromise your efficiency and looking for a professional solution.

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