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Explore the business model of food delivery app while developing the UberEats clone app

UberEats is a popular American food ordering and delivery service provider. It makes use of the three-sided marketplace business model that connects restaurant owners, delivery executives, and customers in a single platform hassle-free.  Are you planning to plunge into the food delivery industry with the UberEats clone app? Well, it is a brilliant choice. But, framing a business plan is the primary component. Consider the business model of UberEats while starting a food delivery business.  

UberEats business model – Explained

Yes, this business model moves around three players and is mentioned below.

  • Restaurants have to pay a certain percentage of the amount as a commission fee on every order they receive via UberEats.
  • Customers pay the delivery fees for the order they have placed. In case, if they have canceled the order, the cancellation fee is charged from them.
  • Delivery executives make revenue by delivering the order in a specified time without making any delay.

Let’s look deeper into the business model of UberEats.

The value proposition of UberEats:

  • Quick delivery

The fastest delivery makes UberEats more preferable by many customers. The ordered food will be delivered within 30 minutes in most cities where it is operational.

  • No minimum value order

Customers can place an order and it will be delivered irrespective of the order value. That is, they can order their favorite snacks instead of a meal. They have to pay the standard delivery fee.

  • Existing customer base

As Uber is a well-known taxi booking app, it has millions of active users. The most valuable asset of the food delivery business is its customer base. The active customers of Uber can become the potential customers of UberEats.

  • Utilization of resources

Uber has an effective system as it already has cars and drivers. Therefore, there is no need to establish the delivery system from scratch. 

Instead, UberEats can utilize the resources of Uber. Thereby, it can save a penny.

  • Global presence

As Uber already established its presence globally, it is not much harder to set up the presence of UberEats digitally. Even though UberEats face local competitors in the industry, it is difficult for others to beat as it has laid a strong foundation.

  • Best algorithm

The algorithm developed by UberEats does the best job in managing the online food delivery system. It includes order management, order allocation, and order dispatch.

Revenue flow of the UberEats

Let’s explore the revenue-generating strategies followed by UberEats.

Delivery fee from the customers

They charge a standard delivery fee from the customer irrespective of the order value. The delivery fee ranges from $1 and $5. It varies depending on the market where they are currently operating.

Commission fee from the restaurants

It takes up a certain percentage as a commission fee from the registered restaurants. The commission fee percentage ranges from 15% and 40%.

Marketing and advertising fee

This revenue model allows the partnered restaurants to advertise in the app. This paves the way for restaurants to get attention from more customers. That is, the app offers the restaurants to conduct customer-facing brand campaigns, social media posts, and email marketing.

The future of an online food ordering and delivery service like UberEats

Earlier, nearly 50% of the people in the United States preferred a food delivery app like UberEats. By the end of 2019, it has covered 70% of Americans. In the United States of America, UberEats holds a revenue share of 27.9% of the top food delivery services.

By the end of 2021, the revenue of the online food delivery segment will reach US $151,526 million worldwide. And, it is projected to reach US $182,327 million with an annual growth rate of 6.36% by 2024. Notably, it is expected that the number of users will reach 1589 million by 2024, according to Statista.

Yes, UberEats has done a great job in establishing its online presence and captivating new market trends with its well-defined approach. The online food delivery segment has witnessed considerable growth and is expected to reach new heights in the coming years.

UberEats clone – A 100% customizable and fully scalable food delivery app solution

UberEats clone script is a ready-made food delivery app solution that facilitates you to launch the app in no time. This is a highly customizable and fully scalable solution depending on the individual business requirements.

Everything you have to do is to partner with a reliable mobile app development company for UberEats clone app development. You can launch the app on iOS, Android, or both. Moreover, make UberEats clone free download possible for your target customers.


The number of online consumers is going to surge as it is convenient for them to order their favorite food with delivery tracking available. Set foot into this lucrative industry with the UberEats clone app.

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