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Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir

Polynesian Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir is an exotic product that packs a serious punch when it comes to nutritional value and is cherished by health food specialists all over the world. When blended, these lovely nuts have a creamy and smooth consistency due to their high oil content.

They are native to the Philippines and have been used historically as a food source by indigenous people, yet have only recently become commercially cultivated. They generally have a nutty flavor reminiscent of almonds and can provide an important supply of essential fats, proteins, and many vital minerals, supporting cardiovascular function, healthy muscle tissue, and helping to regulate the body’s internal environment. you must read it:

These incredibly versatile nuts can be added to green smoothies and desserts, seriously enhancing their healing and to unifying effects on the body, while giving them great consistency. As they have the highest oil content of any known nut, they should not be consumed in great quantities at once. Pili nuts can be ground into a buttery sauce that hardens when left in the refrigerator. If you grind them without removing the outer skins, the butter you obtain will be brown like chocolate and will have the consistency of a chocolate spread.

Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir
Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir

Pili nuts can also be added to countless desserts and may replace other nuts and almonds for higher nutrient content and a richer taste. Their important complete protein content makes them a great addition to a vegan diet, while they can be incorporated into any bakery product to improve taste and texture.

Raw pili nuts can also have purgative effects, which makes them especially beneficial during a detox, as they can help flush out toxins and ease digestion.

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Probiotics From Coconut Kefir


Coconut kefir is considered a safe and delicious way of ingesting probiotics – beneficial bacteria which locate in the gut and assist digestion. Our increased reliance on chemical antimicrobials and antibiotic substances, to treat just about any illness, is also depriving us of these helpful microorganisms. Proponents of probiotics claim that the benefits include liver cleansing, endocrine system cleansing, energy levels increasing, calming effect, fighting off food cravings, body nourishing and balancing, combating sleep disorders, assisting with ADHD, fighting depression, and more.

Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir
Exotic Pili Nuts Coconut kefir

The preparation of coconut kefir is not very complicated, and for it, you will need several coconuts (9 or 10 will suffice for a gallon) and some kefir starter. First, you need to gather all the coconut water into a large jar, then heat it to your normal body temperature (just below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should feel neither warm nor cold to the touch). Then, add the kefir starter and stir gently, allowing it to combine with coconut water. Next, cover it and let it sit for 12 to 48 hours. You may taste the beverage every 6 to 12 hours before deciding when you have let it sit enough. You will also notice that the concoction changes appearance, becoming whiter and milkier when compared to the clear coconut water you started with. After that, your homemade coconut kefir is ready to be consumed.

As a quick tip, if the coconut water you started with is pink, it should be disposed of, for that may mean it is rancid. Coconut meat should also look deep-white when you cut the fruit open since a grey-ish color indicates it is spoiled.

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